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Data and IP protection for technology and software

For technology firms, the IP is the business. Source code, launch plans, pricing schedules, and customer data are constantly sought by competitors, nation-states, or even casually interested fans. At the same time, innovative companies need to be nimble, productive, and easy to work with.

Cyberhaven lets technology firms of all types protect their assets reliably, efficiently, and without the employee friction and false positives that traditional DLP is known for. Critical data of all types is automatically classified without the need for tagging. Risks are automatically uncovered, and users can be redirected or coached in real time to instill safe behaviors without disrupting work.

Problems we solve

Sample data flow

The scenario

Emma had just joined the company as an engineering manager, and she loved using Google Docs for easy collaboration. She copied engineering materials from the company’s Confluence repository to Google Docs, and her team quickly adopted the platform too — without the security team knowing about it. Shane, a member of Emma’s team with a grudge against the company, decided to leak this information — he took the documents from Google Docs and uploaded them to a personal iCloud account.

Cyberhaven solution

Cyberhaven detected exfiltration of product design docs to personal cloud storage. Cyberhaven traced data as it was copied from Confluence to Google Docs, edited, and downloaded by Shane. When Shane tried uploading it to his personal iCloud account, Cyberhaven knew the files contained data from product design docs in Confluence and raised an alarm.

Cyberhaven solution
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What they're saying about Cyberhaven

“Cyberhaven’s ease of use and effectiveness at protecting data in a chaotic environment like ours is unparalleled, especially its ability to protect our source code, which is constantly moving and spreading across a multitude of different locations.”

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