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Data and IP protection for legal and professional services

Every day, professional services firms are trusted with some of their clients’ most sensitive data. Legal advice, financial information, trade secrets, design drawings, PII, and a wide range of sensitive communications must remain protected at all times. At the same time, staff must remain highly efficient and free to work without being unencumbered by security policies.

Cyberhaven lets professional services firms protect any form of data across any business workflow without the friction and false positives of traditional DLP. Security staff can automatically see and control where all of their sensitive data is located, even in locations that they didn’t know to look - all without the need for tagging or complex rules. When problems are detected, security staff have full control over balancing risk and productivity with the option to automatically block, engage users, or provide real-time coaching.

Problems We Solve

Sample data flow

The Scenario

Ellen is a junior associate at a law firm with privileged access to customer data within the iManage application, but she is dissatisfied with her current role and has applied for a position with a competing firm. To illustrate her work, she is planning to present a customer document that she helped prepare. Although she previously had sanctioned access to the customer document in prior months, she now takes a copy from her local disk, renames it, and transfers it to an unsanctioned removable drive.

The Solution

Cyberhaven detected exfiltration of a sensitive customer document to an unsanctioned removable drive. Cyberhaven traced the entire data journey from when Ellen downloaded the document file from the iManage, through all the intermediate steps. When Ellen tried to copy the file to her unsanctioned removable drive, Cyberhaven knew it contained sensitive data and raised an alert.

Intellectual Property Loss Comes in Many Forms

Whether due to malicious actions or a moment of carelessness, data loss can have devastating impacts on your business.

Extortion Against Law Firm

Attackers stole data from a law firm serving the entertainment industry and threatened to leak them online unless payment was made.

  • 756GB of data published on the dark web
  • Breached data included contracts, personal contact information, personal correspondence with the lawyers, non-disclosure agreements, and more.
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