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Inaccurate data classification is the Achilles’ heel of DLP.

Cyberhaven identifies and classifies all of your sensitive data based on provenance, creator, and substance of content for unmatched accuracy and precise policy enforcement.

  • Broadest coverage

    Provenance-based classification overcomes the limitations of scanning for expression matches and covers 100% of your sensitive data.

  • Less effort

    Fully automated classification frees end users from the responsibility to manually classify data, leading to increased productivity.

  • More accurate

    No more misclassified or improper text matching, which are what create the most false positives in DLP alerts.

In their own words

“With the focus being on our data and not on an employee, we are able to get a deep understanding of how company data is being handled. This is by far the most effective solution I have come across in quite some time.”

Michael Kraft, IT Security Manager Vermeer

How data provenance helps you find high-value data

Most companies don’t know where their high-value data is located, but most can answer at least one of the following:

  • Where is high-value data being produced?
  • Who produces or owns this data?
  • What type of content is included?
This is exactly how you specify high-value datasets in Cyberhaven.

Data tracing does the rest: it automatically discovers all copies and derivatives of high-value data in the dataset across all locations in the enterprise.

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