[Webinar] Demystifying DLP: The Blueprint for DLP Program Success

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Trace your data to protect
it like never before

We protect important data other tools can’t see, from threats
they can’t detect, across technologies they can’t control.

We classify data by analyzing billions of events, not just patterns in the content

Data Detection and Response correlates every single event for every piece of data, assembling a data lineage to identify and protect what other tools can’t.


Protect data across the extended enterprise from threats in real time

Your important data is always in motion, spreading to new people, applications, and devices that are outside traditional security controls. We protect data anywhere it goes in the extended enterprise.

How Data Detection and Response works

Data lineage is a technology that’s only available from Cyberhaven. It tracks data from its origin and everywhere it goes, providing the context we use to identify what data is important.

Seeing is Believing

The best way to understand the magic of Cyberhaven is to see a live product demo.