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Users can either be most of the problem or a part of the solution.

Cyberhaven delivers in-context education so users learn from their risky behaviors and improve the overall security posture of the organization.


  • Contextual, accurate and timely notifications

    User warning messages are displayed immediately following the attempted data exfiltration and clearly show the user why their action violated company policy. A near-zero false positive rate ensures users take warnings seriously.

  • Multilevel acknowledgment

    Multiple tiers of user acknowledgment can be configured and recorded to discourage the improper handling of the most sensitive datasets.

  • Management escalations

    Notifies user’s manager to quickly remediate violations and remove bottlenecks in security operations. Warnings can further be escalated into blocking for repeat offenders.

In Their Own Words

“Our security philosophy is centered on effective user education, and Cyberhaven’s real-time, in-context user notifications have enabled us to dramatically reduce the number of incidents over a relatively short period of time.”

Mike Herrington, Security Program Management Lenovo

Proper user education leads to dramatic results.

A Cyberhaven customer deployed in-context user education and saw dramatic results within a few weeks. The average number of incidents from a cohort of frequent violators of company policy decreased from ~15/day to nearly zero, while the overall activity level of this cohort remained the same.

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