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November 26, 2020

With Cyberhaven, Vermeer protects IP and design files without disrupting business flows

Vermeer, one of the largest manufacturers of industrial and agriculture equipment needed to monitor and protect its designs as well as other sensitive, business-critical information like customer and employee data. Hear how Cyberhaven has enabled data security at Vermeer in their own words.

Why Vermeer loves Cyberhaven

The customer

Vermeer is a global manufacturer of industrial and agriculture equipment. Founded in 1948, the company is well-known across the world for its design and craftsmanship.

The solution

Cyberhaven can identify both structured and unstructured data, allowing Vermeer to monitor the movement of content like design files for future products to ensure its IP remains confidential.

The challenge

As a producer of equipment used across dozens of industries, Vermeer wants to keep the design of its products confidential in order to ensure its IP isn’t replicated.

The benefits

Cyberhaven’s data lineage capabilities allows for the tracking of unstructured data. With it, Vermeer’s security team can see every event that happens to a file, which individuals were responsible for these changes, and block activity that’s a violation of policies.

Vermeer’s approach to security risk


Michael Kraft, IT Security Manager at Vermeer speaks about the most common risks his company faces and explains how his security team enables data protection within the organization.

What Vermeer needed in a security solution


In this clip, Michael speaks to how Cyberhaven enabled his team to understand their unknown unknowns while doing an excellent job of managing more mundane risks that the organization encountered on a day-to-day basis.

In their own words

"With the information and understanding Cyberhaven gives us about our employees’ behaviors, it's become easier to know how we should adopt our policies and best practices to continue to uphold our security culture."

Mike Kraft IT Security Manager

Addressing exfiltration risk with a light touch


In this clip, Michael discusses how Cyberhaven allows employees to transfer data to personal data stores via its powerful data lineage capabilities. With data lineage, Michael and his team can easily identify which egress events are routine and which ones are potentially malicious.

A total transformation in security posture


In this final clip, Michael talks about how much his team benefits from the granular visibility Cyberhaven is able to provide on every file event via data lineage and how this has enhanced his security program.

Data detection and response provides real insights in real-time

After deploying Cyberhaven, the team at Vermeer got a handle on the types of egress occurring within their environments and were able to allow employees to continue using personal data stores without fear of data loss.

Key benefits

Cyberhaven enabled Vermeer to monitor data movement to help enable data protection and awareness within the company. Some of the benefits included:

• Visibility into data egress events, and the ability distinguish routine from anomalous behavior
• Ability to monitor unstructured data like design files without tuning
• A single solution for all data protection needs

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