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June 24, 2023

Cyberhaven helps Kirkland and Ellis maintain the confidentiality of client data

Kirkland and Ellis is the largest law firm in the world by revenue. The company places a high value on data security because it is privy to some of the most sensitive documents and data belonging to its client.. Watch the clips below to hear Arlan McMillan, CSO of Kirkland and Ellis speak about the shortcomings of existing security tools and why Cyberhaven had made a difference for him.

Why Kirkland and Ellis loves Cyberhaven

The customer

Kirkland and Ellis is a world-renowned multinational law firm, and is the largest by revenue, exceeding $4 billion in revenue in 2020. 

The solution

Cyberhaven traces all data activity from its origin, rather than relying on classifications to identify data. Kirkland uses employee behavior and a file’s history to understand which contents are of the highest sensitivity.

The challenge

As a law firm, most of the data Kirkland manages is sensitive in nature, detailed context is required to understand which pieces of sensitive data are of the utmost importance to secure.

The benefits

Cyberhaven’s data lineage allows for employee behavior and transformation to a file to become part of its history. Knowing where a file comes from, which users created it, and recent changes are now a critical part of Kirkland’s security analytics.

Why Kirkland doesn’t rely on traditional DLP


In this first clip, Arlan McMillan, CSO of Kirkland and Ellis talks about the shortfalls of traditional data loss prevention. As an industry veteran who’s worked in highly regulated industries, he’s leveraged DLP to satisfy security requirements but has found the technology lacking.

What are Kirkland’s security obligations


In this clip, Arlan speaks to the data privacy and security challenges associated with managing Kirkland’s security program and why this pushed him towards Cyberhaven.

Why data lineage replaces old school data classification


Here, Arlan speaks directly to how his use of Cyberhaven and its data lineage technology makes data classification somewhat redundant and why he’s increasingly relying on the former instead of the latter.

In their own words

"Cyberhaven beat everyone else in security to the punch with data lineage. Being able to surface critical content without having to painstakingly configure alerts has turned me into a zealot for this technology."

Arlan McMillan CSO

Seeing is believing


Arlan talks about the first time he saw Cyberhaven’s data lineage in action and how he instantly understood how it would save his team hundreds of hours.

With data lineage the future of security looks bright


In this final clip, Arlan talks about why he’s excited about the power of data lineage and how this technology will help security professionals practice data lifecycle management, a foundational aspect of information security that realistically has been a challenge for even the most security-conscious organizations to practice.

What Data Lineage has enabled Kirkland and Ellis to do

With Cyberhaven, the security team at Kirkland had more granular analysis about the types of sensitive data within their environments and could create detailed remediation responses around the behaviors they didn't want occurring in their environments.

Key benefits

Cyberhaven enabled Kirkland to monitor data movement to help enable data protection and awareness within the company. Some of the benefits included:

  • Visibility into data and employee behavior
  • Seeing immediate value, even during POC, surfacing items uncaptured by other solutions

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