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3 Reasons Why DLP Needs To Be Done On The Client

Cristi Zamfir [November 17, 2020]
From the earliest days of information security, pundits have debated which is better—an endpoint-based approach to security or a network-based approach. In most cases, this is a false dilemma. Both false
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Time to Value

Troy Gerber [November 4, 2020]
Time to Value (TTV) is the amount of time it takes a customer to realize value from a new purchase. It’s different from Return on Investment (ROI) in that it’s concerned with the desired result of false
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The Power of Long-Term Memory and Why You Need to Move On From Your Memento DLP

Volodymyr (Vova) Kuznetsov [October 27, 2020]
DLP technologies have been around for a long time, and while they have made some incremental improvements over the years, no one really loves their DLP. It’s one of those things that most false
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More Informative than a Presidential Debate - DLP vs. UBA

Troy Gerber [October 20, 2020]
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3 Reasons Why DLP Fails To Protect From Insider Threats

Jared Thorkelson [April 7, 2020]
We surveyed security professionals on top challenges they have with DLP:
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CASB aren’t enough: How to Protect your Valuable Intellectual Property

Liron Pergament-Gal [April 1, 2020]
Theft of IP is still a big problem, despite tools attempting to prevent it 21% of manufacturers were hit by intellectual property theft, The DOC estimates the domestic value of stolen intellectual false
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Why DLP is NOT for IP

Mary Roark [March 18, 2020]
Protecting Intellectual Property in a new paradigm Competitive advantage for most companies is created by having differentiated capabilities or processes that are not easy for their competition to false
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