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Inc. magazine names Cyberhaven one of the Best Workplaces of 2023

Howard Ting

A milestone worth celebrating: our culture, our team, and our future.

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I’m thrilled to share that Cyberhaven is one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces of 2023. This incredible honor is a testament to our dedicated team, our strong culture, and the values that guide us on our journey. Inc. selects companies based on a third-party survey of people working for companies across the United States. Rather than focusing on the recognition itself, I'd like to take a moment to share some examples of how our values come to life within our company.

Cyberhaven team members (affectionately referred to as Tracers) recently gathered in person for our annual company kickoff in New Orleans. In the remote and hybrid world, it was the first time many of us met face-to-face. This group is the first 100 employees at the company and we talked about what kind of culture we have and want to build. As we leap into a breakout year of growth everyone at the company has the ability to help shape our values.

We’ve coalesced around six values that are important to us, and define who we are:

  1. Reach for ambitious goals
  2. Step up and take ownership
  3. Obsess about customers
  4. Think deeply and use sound reasoning
  5. Continuously learn and grow
  6. Enjoy the journey

One of our most important values is our commitment to setting ambitious goals. Within weeks of the public launch of ChatGPT we shipped a groundbreaking new set of product features to help companies analyze employee usage of generative AI tools and stem the flood of confidential data being pasted into them. We aimed high and brought these capabilities to market in record time because each team member stepped up and took ownership for their part in the project.

Our obsession with customers is evident in the way we work closely with them to solve their unique challenges. One standout example is how one of our sales engineers helped customers create reports using our dashboard builder. This was months after he sold them the product but instead of moving on like sales people at many companies do, he’s committed to their success and further solidifying our partnership.

Our success is also driven by the intellectual curiosity and growth mindset that our team members possess. Recently, one of the founding members of our QA team made the move to our software engineering team. She helped build our quality assurance and testing function and defined many of its processes, but more recently had developed a personal interest in AI technology so we encouraged her to take the leap and join our AI team to develop that further.

While we work hard, we also value the importance of enjoying the journey. We make time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our team, aiming for an environment where we can laugh together and support one another. Whether it’s championing someone’s recent success on an all-hands call or coming together to meet people in person rather than a Zoom screen, it's these moments that truly make our company a great place to work.

As we continue on this exciting journey, we want to invite talented individuals who share our values to join us. We are currently hiring across the company, and now is the perfect time to become part of our incredible team. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of technology and make a lasting impact on our industry and beyond.

Thank you for being part of our story. We couldn't have reached this milestone without the support of our team, customers, and partners.