[March 2, 2020]

How a data security ninja can follow the flow

How do I meet my company's new and existing business initiatives while ensuring our sensitive data is secure, and not agitating my users whilst securing it? (not being fired in the process would be nice too…)

Returning from RSA 2020, I was hit with the same challenge I imagine our prospects and clients are hit with each and every time they review new technology. All this sounds the same! How do we know which product to pick for our current data security initiative?

A tough question! Or is it? When it comes to data protection it usually falls into a statement like, “I don’t want my sensitive data to be exposed. How do I ensure that doesn't happen?”

The challenge for modern data security ninjas is that they are only looking at the problem from a single perspective, that of prevention and typically armed only with legacy DLP products with limited capabilities, alert & block. This methodology leads to something akin to the Dutch boy trying to stop the dam from breaking.


I’ll create a policy and tag my data for every crack in my data protection ecosystem.

This usually results in what’s known as “alert fatigue” and can have serious repercussions on the data security ninjas well being.


If I get one more alert I’m going to commit seppuku!

This is happening because our data security ninja has forgotten their training.


Data is like water, it’s dynamic, constantly moving and changing.

If we want to control our data, we need to first understand the flow of the data. Once we understand this, we can (with confidence) put proper controls in place while ensuring business initiatives and desired outcomes are met. (not to mention save time, money and our own sanity!)

What’s needed is a data tool that’s intuitive, easy to deploy, and designed for the modern data security ninja.




Where do I find such a product?

Cyberhaven’s Data Behavior Analytics (DaBA) automatically discovers the risk to all your sensitive data (IP, source code, designs, PII, PCI, PHI) everywhere. DaBA reveals the usage and access behavior of your sensitive data to help you accelerate security control decisions. Organizations like Motorola and DARPA have taken back control of their intellectual property by leveraging the data flow insights that DaBA provides. You can learn about the benefits of DaBA with DLP vs DaBA Whitepaper or how DaBA reduces investigation time with fewer false positives vs. UEBA.


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