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The Swiss Tradition

The fine art of Swiss money management has a long and successful tradition for which Switzerland is often justifiably envied world-wide.

We build on this tradition by providing personal, customized and comprehensive international financial consulting and asset management to private and institutional investors.

Based on personal discussions with you, we structure and manage your global financial affairs to suit your particular needs and preferences. We carefully manage assets, and aim to achieve mutually pre-determined performance targets and other personal objectives.

Our work is characterized by an intensive relationship with our clients. Your personal asset manager is available to you at all times to ensure that your individual needs are met.

Our office will assist you in opening an account with one of Switzerland's first-class banks in Zurich, which will be the custodian of your assets.

Business Principles

Our offer is aimed at investors expecting the optimal asset management which only independent financial consultants can realize: This very personal service is tailor-made to the last detail and meets the individual needs of customers.

We consider ourselves as both a competent provider of asset management services and your friendly advisor with your wishes as the top priority.

Conservative Investment Policy

As you might expect from Swiss money managers, we apply strict and conservative asset management principles. Our highest priority is the preservation of the long-term purchasing power of your capital. Growth and income are achieved via global diversification in assets and currencies. Risks may be hedged with options and other appropriate instruments.

Specific Objectives

Our management services and investment policy are tailored to your needs and preferences. In extensive personal discussions with you, we draw up a long-term investment strategy, depending on account size, your risk preferences and specific objectives.

A large percentage of our clients are based in the United States. One of our main goals has always been to get a certain portion of our clients' wealth out of the U.S. dollar and into European hard currencies such as Swiss francs, Deutschmarks, and Dutch guilders. We then build a portfolio with a mix of bonds and shares. We normally buy stocks as a strategic core holding and invest only in blue chip companies. The strong U.S. dollar offers a very good opportunity to start diversifying into other currencies with a part of your wealth.

Continuous Dialogue

By way of frequent telephone conversations we keep you constantly informed on the performance of your assets. In addition you receive regular statements directly from your custodian bank.

During our conversations we can also inform you on relevant international investment, monetary, political and economic issues. Another indispensible facet of our intensive service is personal meetings with you at least once a year; near you, in Europe, or abroad.

Fixed Fees

The management fees charged are in accordance with our contractually pre-defined principles and not on a performance basis. Fees are calculated on the total account value at the end of each quarter.

Your Custodian Bank

First-Class Financial Institutions

Security and success are top priorities for international investors. Choosing the right custodian bank plays a decisive role. For this reason we work exclusively with first-class banks.

Bank J. Vontobel & Co. AG

The Zurich-based Bank J. Vontobel & Co. AG is one of these first-class institutes. Bank Vontobel is the core company within Vontobel Holding AG, which is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. The Vontobel families together with their foundation own a majority of Vontobel Group's share capital and voting rights. Hans-Dieter Vontobel is the third generation of Vontobels to head the bank.

Bank J. Vontobel & AG is a Swiss bank specialized in asset management for high-worth private individuals and over the years it has built up an impecable reputation for private banking services. The bank's other core activities involve investment advisory services, securities transactions, capital market transactions, trading in foreign currencies and derivative products. Total client assets entrusted to the care of Bank J. Vontobel are in excess of 45 billion Swiss francs.

Hans-Dieter Vontobel has defined the company's guiding principles as follows:

Bank Julius Baer

Safety and performance are paramount to the discerning, international investor. That is why one of the banks chosen for you is Bank Julius Baer in Zurich as custodian for our clients. Bank Julius Baer is a first-class financial institution with a strong capital base. As a family bank its tradition goes back more than a century, to 1890. The bank's money market papers are given Moody's highest P-1 rating.

The bank is the flagship of the Julius Baer Group, with shares quoted on the Swiss and German stock exchanges. The Baer family holds the majority of the votes and members of the third and fourth generation play a decisive role in the bank's development. Yet, the bank preserves the character of a truly private Swiss bank. Total client assets entrusted to the care of Bank Julius Baer are in excess of 82 billion Swiss francs.

Account Requirements

Account Minimum

It is not feasible to manage an account of less than U.S. $100,000 (or the equivalent in other currencies), as the transaction costs and inability to properly diversify would not allow us to render a proper service to the client.


0.25% per quarter up to 5 million Sfr.
Negotiable over 5 million Sfr.

Your Personal Consultants

Highly-experienced financial consultants of excellent repute make up the team at the disposal of our customers.

Robert Vrijhof
Senior Partner

The banking career of Robert Vrijhof began in 1978 with the Union Bank of Switzerland, working his way through the international securities trading department. Later, with Credit Suisse, he held the senior position as manager of the Foreign Stock Exchange trading section. In 1987, he accepted an offer by Foreign Commerce Bank as portfolio manager. His profound knowledge in this area soon led to the position of Vice-President and head of the portfolio management group at Focobank.

René Schatt
Executive Director

René Schatt started his banking career in 1977 with the Thurgauer Cantonalbank, where he finished his basic training. In 1984, he joined the Foreign Commerce Bank and worked his way through the securities administration and trading department. At the same time, he continued studying and in 1987, he achieved the "Federal Diploma of Banking Expert." In 1990, he was promoted to Vice-President and head of the securities department. In 1992, he joined the first Korean Bank in Switzerland, KDB Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., working as Senior Vice-President and being the Swiss Member of the General Management.

Adrian Hartmann
Senior Partner

The banking experience of Adrian Hartmann began in 1968 with Foreign Commerce Bank in Zurich, followed by senior management positions with Swiss Bank Corporation. In 1978 he moved to Canada to manage their Toronto office, and later spent four years in the Cayman Islands with his own money management firm. From 1985 to February 1992 he managed the North American subsidiary of Foreign Commerce Bank in Vancouver as President and CEO.

Hans C. Weber
Advisor to the Company

Asset management at WHVP is distinguished by the principles which Hans C. Weber has successfully guaranteed since the inception of the company. Having retired on January 1, 1997, he now acts for WHVP as an advisor to the company. Hans C. Weber hs more than 30 years experience in international banking. A graduate of the London School of Economics, his early career was spent in Zurich, New York, London and Geneva. For more than 25 years he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Foreign Commerce Bank (Focobank) in Zurich.

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