Table of Contents

Table of Contents without Subheadings

Introductory Material

Profit And Opportunity Have No Borders

The International Adventure: Some Examples And Ideas
The Narrower, Tougher, Bigger Opportunity
Where to Look for What
The Tax Haven Countries
The Mutual Funds
Get the Overseas Picture
What to Sell?
The Nitty-Gritty
The Alternatives
The Endless Opportunities
Speak any Mandarin?

Investing Abroad Is Neither Immoral Nor Unpatriotic

Second Citizenships For The Global Investor
A Government Sponsored Second Passport Program
The "Option Strategy"
For More Information On Second Passports

Moving Your Residence Offshore
The $70,000 -- and More -- Offshore Loophole: Tax Planning For Foreign Employment
Home is where the money is
Counting The Days
An Easier Way?
Which Income To Exclude
Don't Close The Loophole
Tax Credit Option
Beware Those Other Taxes
Expanding The Loophole -- Exempt More Than $70,000
A Few Limits
The Second Overseas Home Loophole
The Social Security Offshore Loophole
The Puerto Rico Loophole
The State and Local Tax Loophole
The Foreign Tax Loophole
The Home Sale Loophole
Some Useful Havens for Personal Residence
Campione: Little Known Tax-free Backdoor to Switzerland
Ceuta and Melilla: Reduced Tax Rates for Residents
Monaco: Traditional Haven of the Wealthy
The United Kingdom and Ireland
Malta and Cyprus
The Americas: A Variety of Residential Havens

Be A PT ... Don't Live Anywhere At All!
Why A PT Needs A Tax Haven

Forming An Offshore Corporation
Opening a Foreign Corporate Bank Account

Privacy Tactics That Can Enhance Your Offshore Investing
How to Keep The IRS -- and Other Snoops -- Out of Your Safe Deposit Box
Privacy and Data Encryption

Getting Started And Doing It Right

Making Money Offshore

Finder's Fees -- The Easiest Money You'll Ever Make

Tax Havens and Tourism

Sell American...And Make A Fortune Doing It!

Investing Offshore

How To Make Really Big Money Investing Globally
The Value of Tax-free Compound Interest

A Global View Of Investing
The Case for Investing Abroad
Why Invest Abroad?
Taking the First Step
Investing Globally -- Plenty of Reasons

Using Tax Havens In Offshore Strategies

Swiss Banks -- Global Investment Managers
Swiss Investment Portfolio Managers
Portfolio Management From a Swiss Base

Swiss Annuities: Tax-Free And Seizure-Proof
Special Advantages of Swiss Annuities
Legal Protection of Assets in Swiss Annuities
Swiss Income Annuities Can Be Tailor-Made
An Advantageous "Bank Account" With Your Swiss Insurance Company
A Special Note for U.S. Readers
Utilizing the Services of a Swiss Investment Consultant

Gold: An Important Hedge For Your Portfolio
The Gold Standard
How to Invest in Gold Bullion Coins
The Mocatta Delivery Order -- A Very Portable Asset

The Offshore Trust As A Global Tool
What a Trust Is
An Ancient Custom
Trust Creation
The Trust Corpus
The Trust Role in Global Investing
Estate Planning - The Traditional Role
The Living Trust
The Testamentary Trust
Using an Offshore Trust for International Investment
Offshore Trust Creation

Nevis: A Superior Asset Protection Haven
The "Premier Off-Shore Corporate Jurisdiction"
Asset Protection Trusts -- A New Offshore Service
Tax and Legal Advantages for American Readers
Nevis -- An Obvious Choice

Table of Contents without Subheadings
First Chapter: Profit And Opportunity Have No Borders

The above chapter is taken as a sample from books and articles by Adam Starchild. One of his recent books is The Offshore Entrepreneur: Profit and Opportunity Have No Borders, available from First Street Press.

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