The Business Havens Report

Business clients complain that they are constantly struggling for profits. Overheads are too high. Labor costs are too high. Taxes are too high. And so much red tape, they moan.

My answer to them?


Move, they say. But isn't there a simpler way?

What could be more simple for success if someone is offering to pay up to 70% of your start-up costs. And not only that but offering you a total exemption on all taxes and all duties.

This they find hard to believe. But it is true. The Portuguese and Turkish governments are offering foreign investors willing to set up shop in their country powerful financial and tax incentives. And these are just two of the countries offering investors and entrepreneurs an incredible head start in the business world.

Why build a business in an over-regulated country with high production and labor costs, inhibitive government regulations and high corporate taxes?

You can avoid all of this by seeking out the many tax and duty free zones of the world. The world is rich with special opportunities for entrepreneurs. Realizing no one had concentrated on this area before, and after 20 years of consulting in this very area, I set about writing a book exclusively on the Business Havens of the world.

There truly is a multitude of incentives an investor can take advantage of, from tax-free holidays to long-term, low-interest loans, to reduced rents. And due to low labor and production costs in many of the countries I have covered, it is possible to operate a business at half what it would cost you in the U.S. or many parts of the EU. This is even before the enormous benefits you could be eligible for.

Setting up operations in a Business Haven can multiply your chances for success.


Adam Starchild

This special report was published by Scope International in Great Britain and is available from

For a more detailed description of the contents of this report, go to Introducing the World's 21 Best Business Havens

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