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The Marketing Dictionary
by Adam Starchild

This is simply an essential reference that should be within arm's reach of any marketer's desk.

The Golden Mailbox Newly Revised: How to Get Rich Direct Marketing Your Product
by Ted Nicholas
How I Made One Million Dollars in Mail Order -- and You Can Too!
by E. Joseph Cossman
The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time: Why They Succeed, How They're Created, How You Can Create Great Sales Letters, Too!
by Richard S. Hodgson
Book and diskette
101 Great Mail Order Businesses: The Very Best (& Most Profitable!) Mail Order Businesses You Can Start with Little or No Money
by Tyler Gregory Hicks
101 Tips for More Profitable Catalogs
by Maxwell Sroge
Building a Mail Order Business: A Complete Manual for Success
by William A. Cohen
The Catalog Handbook: How to Produce a Successful Mail Order Catalog
by James Francis Hollan
The Catalog of Catalogs V: The Complete Mail-Order Directory
by Woodbine House
The Complete Direct Marketing Source Book: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing & Managing a Successful Direct Marketing Program
by John Kremer
Growing Your Small Business: A Marketing Handbook of Proven Promotional Ideas for Entrepreneurs
by Ed Burnett
How Mail Order Fortunes Are Made
by Alfred Stern
How to Get Rich in Mail Order
by Melvin Powers
How to Make Money in Mail-Order
by L. Perry Wilbur
How to Make Money in Mail-Order
by L. Perry Wilbur
How to Make One Hundred Thousand Dollars a Year in Home Mail Order Business
by Barry Z. Masser
How to Profit through Catalog Marketing
by Katie Muldoon and Anne Knudsen (Editors)
How to Start a Home-Based Mail Order Business: An Unabridged Guide
by Georganne Fiumara
How to Start a Mail Order Business
by Mike Powers and Stephen Pollan (Editors)
How to Start & Operate a Mail-Order Business
by Julian Lincoln Simon
Inside the Leading Mail Order Houses
by Maxwell H. Sroge
Mail Order Legal Guide
by Edwin J. Keup and Constance C. Dickinson
Mail Order Moonlighting, Revised Edition
by Cecil C. Hoge
Mail Order Selling: How to Market Almost Anything by Mail
by Irving Burstiner
Mail Order... Starting Up, Making It Pay
by J. Frank Brumbaugh
Mail-Order Success Secrets: How to Create a 1,000,000 Dollar-A-Year Business Starting from Scratch
by Tyler Gregory Hicks
NTC's Dictionary of Mailing List Terminology & Techniques
by Nat G. Bodian
Open Me Now
by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Power-Packed Direct Mail: How to Get More Leads & Sales by Mail
by Robert W. Bly
Secrets of Successful Direct Mail
by Richard V. Benson
Start & Run a Profitable Mail-Order Business: Getting Started for Under $500 -- Your Step-by-Step Business Plan
by Robert W. Bly
Start Your Own Mail Order Business
Prentice Hall
Starting & Building Your Catalog
by Herman R. Holtz
United States Mail Order Industry
Maxwell Sroge
The Upstart Guide to Owning & Managing a Mail Order Business
by Dan Ramsey
$36,000 a Year in Your Own Home Merchandising Business
by Barry Z. Masser
Business Guide to Selling Information by Mail
by E. R. Jones
Direct Mail & Mail Order Handbook
by Richard S. Hodgson
Direct Response Millions, Book. 2: How to Sell by Direct Mail
by Publishing Lion (Editor)
Directory of Department Stores/Mail Order Firms
by Eric Raskin and Janice Backer (Editors)
Directory of High-Discount Merchandise & Product Sources for Distributors & Mail-Order Wealth Builders
by S. David Hicks
Directory of Mail Order Catalogs, 1997
by Grey House Publishing Incorporated (Editor)
Directory of Mailing List Companies
by B. Klein
Do It Yourself Direct Mail Handbook
by Murray Raphel
Du Vall Method for Acquiring Great Self-Publishing Wealth
by Dean F. Du Vall
Exactly how to Build a Fortune in Mail Order
by Dean F. V. Du Vall
Free Yourself Financially in Your Own High Profit Mail Order Business
by Linda A. Kajda
Getting into the Mail Order Business
by Steve Kahn
Hidden Assets: The Guide to the Best Catalogs
by Heather Hollingshead Oesting
How Mail Order Fortunes Are Made
by Alfred Stern
How to Create Catalogs That Sell
by Staff of REA Publishing
How to Get, Keep & Use VISA, Mastercard & American Express Credit Card Merchant Status to Earn Millions: Even if You Work at Home, Operate a Mail Order Business or Just Starting a New Company
by Mike Pond
How to Go into the Mail Order Business & Make a Success Out of It
by Vernon L. Harviston
How to Go into the Mail-Order Business & Make a Fortune out of It
Leroy Hamilton
How to Start & Manage a Mail Order Business: Step-by-Step Guide to Business Success
by Jerre G. Lewis and Leslie D. Renn
How to Start Minding Your Own (Mailorder, That Is) Business
by Erwin Vogel
How to Start & Succeed in Mail Order
by Allan J. Siposs
How to Start Your Own Mail Order Business Without Capital
by Doreen Biefus
How to Successfully Sell Information by Mail
by George Farlow
How You Can Make a Fortune Selling Information by Mail
by Russ Von Hoelscher
How You Too Can Make at Least $1 Million (But Probably Much More) in the Mail-Order Business
by Gerardo Joffe
Mail Order Advertising
by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Mail Order Business Directory
by B. Klein (Editor)
Mail Order Legal Guide
by Erwin J. Keup and Constance C. Dickinson
Making Five Hundred Thousand Dollars a Year in Mail Order
by David Bendah
Max Sackheim's Billion Dollar Marketing Concepts & Applications: The Man Who Revolutionized 20th Century Direct Response Advertising
by Maxwell Sackheim and Jerry Major Buchanan David A. Reecher
Selling Used Books by Mail: A Grass-Roots Guide for the Homeworker
by A. G. Gersdorf
The Spiegel Story
by Anthea Bell (Translator)
Starting a Mail Order Business
by Staff of "Your Own Business"
Strategies for Getting Charge Card Merchant Status at Your Bank: Even if You're Running a Home-Based or Mail Order Business
by John M. Cali
Successful Mail Order Marketing
Linda Hebert
Successful Mail Order Marketing: How to Build a Really Cost Effective Operation from Scratch
by Ian Bruce
Twenty-Two Mistakes the Beginner Always Makes in Mail Order
by Jerry Buchanan

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