Portfolio Management From A Swiss Base

Using an independent portfolio manager rather than a bank offers better service, and better control over the account. It also eliminates the conflict of interest that naturally arises between the banks commissionable role as stockbroker and its role as investment manager (a conflict that has long plagued U.S. securities firms as well).

An excellent choice is Weber Hartmann Vrijhof & Partners, an independent Swiss portfolio management firm that can manage your investment account, whether it be an individual portfolio or a portfolio for your offshore trust or corporation.

The asset management and international financial consulting company was opened by Hans Weber and his partners in Zurich in 1992. Many readers will remember Hans from his Deak-Perera days, when he ran Foreign Commerce Bank (FOCOBANK) in Switzerland for almost 30 years as the bank's President and CEO. He decided to leave the bank and establish his own firm after too many shareholder changes and mergers.

He was joined by Robert Vrijhof, formerly Vice-President and head of FOCOBANK's portfolio management group and Adrian Hartmann, formerly head of FOCOBANK's North American subsidiary in Vancouver. The partners have a very sound and efficient asset management operation providing a very personalized service to their clientele.

Hans is a very conservative Swiss banker who applies strict and conservative asset management principles. His partners, Robert and Adrian, have the same investment philosophy. They provide a very personal, comprehensive financial service to a select group of private investors. Everything they do is customized to suit the particular needs of their clientele. Their highest priority is the protection of long-term purchasing power.

There are many advantages to using independent asset managers such as Hans and his partners rather than just relying on a Swiss bank. For example:

The minimum amount to set-up an account with this firm is US$100,000 or equivalent. When you are ready to proceed, you can contact:

Weber, Hartmann, Vrijhof & Partners Ltd.
Attn: New Clients Department
Zurichstrasse 110B
8134 Adllswil

telephone: (41-1) 709-11-15
fax: (41-1) 709-11-13, attn: New Clients Department

Or you may visit them online at Weber Hartmann Vrijhof & Partners Ltd.

Michael Checkan, President of Asset Strategies International, Inc. and Editor, Information Line, says "The feedback from clients who started a relationship with Weber Hartmann Vrijhof & Partners has been extremely positive."

The personalized service means one of the team-members will provide regular updates by telephone about the performance and the market situation. It means further that they will make visits to meet with clients at convenient locations.

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