How To Have Safe, Hidden Wealth

Your own ultra-secure storehouse of 'secret cash' that's quietly out-performed U.S. CDs, Term Deposits and Money Market Accounts year after year, for over 24 years.

Turn $50,000 into over $500,000 with no worry, no fear.

Let me tell you how to have a secret stash of money hidden away.

It's your own private wealth that nobody else knows about.

Now, I'm not talking about money stuffed in a sock or under a mattress. And I don't mean a savings account down at the local bank...

Your money is truly secret.

Nobody knows about it. Not your friends, not the government -- not even your family!

Best of all, your money's as safe as safe can be -- earning double the profits, or more -- of so-called "safe" investments here in the United States.

In a minute I'll tell you how you can start building your own secret money stash -- and why you and every American should have one.

But first, here are a few more things you should know about your secret cash. They are what sets your investment apart from anything else on earth.

But that's just part of the story...

And here's something else

If you invested $50,000 where this secret money is hidden in 1970 you'd have $604,740 by the end of 1996. That's an impressive 1,100% gain -- a 10% average annual profit year in, year out for 26 years. No U.S. bank, annuity, money market or term deposit can match that kind of performance...

In other words, if you had this secret stash of money, it would be as safe as safe can be, tucked away in the safest money haven in the world and earning steady guaranteed profits greater than you could ever earn in any U.S. bank.

It all sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? But as you're about to discover -- it's real.

In fact, it's an investment that's existed for decades. The world's wealthiest people use it to secure vast amounts of wealth, safely and profitable. So do world leaders, kings, Arab sheiks and captains of industry. But you don't have to be rich or powerful to have one, as you will soon see.

But before I lay out all the details for you, let me introduce myself. My name is Adam Starchild. I'm the author of over twenty financial books published over the past twenty years, and hundreds of magazine articles that have articles have a appeared in a wide range of publications around the world -- including Business Credit, Euromoney, Finance, The Financial Planner, International Living, Offshore Financial Review, Reason, Tax Planning International, Trusts & Estates, and many more.

In my work, I meet a lot of wealthy people. I also come across many remarkable (and often fantastic) investment opportunities. But when it comes to my money, I'm probably just like you. Safety above all.

Mr. Conservative.

Show me an investment that's 100% secure with good, honest returns and I'll buy it. Simple as that.

But before I tell you exactly what this investment is, and how you can take advantage of it, there is something you should know.

The investment I'm talking about can only be found in one most remarkable country. And it's just one of dozens of ways this nation can help you build and preserve your wealth -- safely and privately.

In fact, the wealth-building strategies you can put to work for you today here are the very same strategies that have made it the richest country in the world -- where the average annual income tops $36,000 compared to just $24,000 in the U.S. ... where the annual savings rate is five times greater than in the United States at over $15,000 per person, per year.

Better than a Swiss Bank Account...

Now, you may be thinking this secret stash of money is tucked away in a bank account somewhere in Switzerland. That's a good guess. But that's not what I'm talking about here...

What I recommend is better than a Swiss bank account, yet it's just as safe -- and much more profitable.

That's because:

This isn't some exotic new investment scheme that I've just discovered, or dreamed up myself. In fact, it's an old one -- time tested and proven over decades. Yet very few Americans even know it exists.

Let me tell you what it is.

It's an annuity. Not just any annuity, though. It's a Swiss annuity. And it's without question...

The Ultimate No-risk Investment

Even the Swiss people themselves -- the most prudent (and wealthiest) of all investors -- are likely to invest in a Swiss annuity before anything else. That's because a Swiss annuity serves as a rock-solid foundation to any investment portfolio -- and no other investment on earth meets the rigid standard the Swiss set for safe, secure investments.

I'm so impressed with the Swiss annuity, I recommend putting a substantial portion of your retirement cash into it. That way, you can rest easy knowing your money will be earning steady, dependable, guaranteed interest in safe, rock-solid, gold-backed Swiss francs -- for nearly 100 years, the most stable and secure currency in the world.

In fact, if you keep adding just $5,000 dollars a year to your annuity -- your private money stash will have grown from its original $50,000 to over $1.8 million by the time you're ready to retire.

That's a nice nest egg you know will always be there when you need it -- even if somebody slips on your sidewalk tomorrow and beats you in a lawsuit for everything you have. They'll never get their hands on your Swiss annuity. It's fully protected by Swiss privacy laws. But I'm not here to sell you a Swiss annuity...

There's a reason the Swiss are able to offer many different safe, high-yielding, wealth-building investment opportunities to Americans like you and me.

Let me explain.

How Swiss Prudence and the Rock-Solid Franc Can Make You Very Wealthy

Since early in their history, the Swiss have never lost sight of a very important fact: A strong currency makes a strong nation. This explains how a country consisting of little more than rock and ice has become one of the most powerful financial and manufacturing centers in the world!

How have the Swiss kept the franc strong over the long term while so many world currencies -- including the U.S. dollar -- have fallen dramatically? The answer to this question holds the key to why you can never go wrong investing in Switzerland:

First, there is nothing to threaten the stability of the Swiss franc. The Swiss people have seen no wars or revolutions for over 200 years. During this same time, America has played a role in many different military conflicts. War and conflict is expensive. Witness the Vietnam war. We're still paying the price in terms of a national debt and a weak dollar. That's right. The real story on the U.S. dollar -- and one you'll never hear from the Clinton Administration or government-controlled media -- is that the real trade-weighted value of the U.S. dollar has been going nowhere since 1988 (report published monthly by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas). This is contrary to the news of the day, which almost uniformly talks about the bull market in the U.S. dollar.

Second, Swiss law requires that the franc be backed by at least 40% gold reserves. Today, it's nearly 200% backed by gold. It is one of the few world currencies that's actually worth more than the paper it's printed on.

Third, the Swiss central bank never lets the money supply exceed national production. The U.S. has been forced to devalue its currency to reduce the cost of the $5 trillion-and-rising debt. That's one reaon why in 1995 alone, the Swiss franc gained 16% on the U.S. dollar.

Fourth, the Swiss have very little personal debt -- less than $200 debt per capita. Compare that to America's more than $15,000 debt per capita.

And despite a population of less than seven million and a geographic area smaller than New Hampshire, in 1995 Switzerland's Zurich market quietly kept pace with the hot U.S. Dow -- even beating it in U.S. dollar terms, gaining 39% to the Dow's 33%.

It all adds up to this: Switzerland is the safest, most secure -- thus, profitable -- place you can put your money.

Here's what I mean in real wealth terms.

$169,000 or $577,000 -- It's Your Choice

Suppose you had $50,000 worth of Swiss francs, and $50,000 worth of U.S. dollars back in 1971 -- and placed both stacks of cash in a safety deposit box. No interest... nothing. Not counting what inflation would do to your money, you would still have $50,000 in U.S. cash. But your $50,000 worth of Swiss francs would have ballooned to $189,000 -- a 278% gain!

Factor in a 5% yield and watch your profits soar. Your U.S. investment would be worth $169,300. But your Swiss franc profits would have sky-rocketed to $577,000!

And it's all because the Swiss have taken careful measures to ensure the value and integrity of the franc over the last 100 years and more.

Will the next 100 years be any different? Not likely. The Swiss still believe in a balanced budget. Currently, they have a small manageable debt tht will probably be erased in the coming months -- thanks to some short term spending restraints that worked. In fact, a Barron's report called Switzerland "the best place to invest" in 1996 because of healthy profit projections within the Swiss industrial sector.

The U.S., on the other hand, is on the path to higher deficit spending, bigger debts and bigger deficits. Even if the Republicans are successful in balancing the budget -- it will only mean we will stop spending more than we make. The debt is still there. We're still accountable for it. That can only drive down the dollar further over the long haul -- especially against virtually debt free nations like Switzerland who have been practicing balanced budgets for centuries.

But a declining U.S. dollar is only one of many risks you take by not diversifying some of your investments to the safety of Switzerland.

Do You Know How Badly Other People Want Your Money?

Let's face it. If your money is kept in a U.S. bank, brokerage account, insurance company -- even a trust fund -- it won't be hard to get hold of it.

Litigation in the U.S. is big business these days. In 1994, court costs alone exceeded $360 billion. And that doesn't count all the money awarded for such everyday common events as slips and falls on your property, harassment and discrimination allegations, divorce and so on.

Here's something else:

Your I.R.A. is under attack.

In Washington, bills are in the works that target U.S. retirement accounts as a source for much needed revenue. Right how, there are proposals on the table to tax pension plan profits, levy a one-time 15% tax on pension contributions and increase penalties for early use. By building your own retirement savings program in Switzerland, you're not only protecting yourself agains the decline of the U.S. dollar... you're taking your money out of the grasp of the greedy government bureaucrats who want a piece of your retirement nest egg.

You Must Act Today... To Protect Your Wealth for Tomorrow

But a word of warning: It's illegal to transfer any assets to the safety of Switzerland once you've been named in a lawsuit. And your existing retirement fund will likely be subject to any new tax program the government creates. That's why it is imperative you act now! Because, once it's been safely stowed in secure, Swiss investments -- no one can touch your money. Not the government, not the greedy lawyers. Not anyone.

I don't have the time (or space) to discuss all the risks you take by leaving all your wealth in any one country. Things lie: ever-rising taxes, currency devaluations, market gyrations, government and police seizures, more stringent banking rules, possibility of future taxes, and so on...

These and other unseen risks to your wealth are why every American should have at least a portion of their assets earning safe, secure profits in Switzerland.

So let me tell you a little more about the Swiss annuity -- just one of many attractive Swiss options for your wealth.

But remember, an annuity is just one way to take advantage of the many time-tested Swiss strategies for safe, profitable investing. Obviously I can't cover them all in this letter. The Swiss annuity is just the first step to internationally diversifying your portfolio. There are many more ways Switzerland can add safety, stability and profits to your portfolio.

If you're like a lot of investors I talk to, you may believe Switzerland is only for the very rich.

That's a myth.

While it's true the Swiss expend substantially more effort attracting millionaires to their country, anyone can benefit from Swiss safety and profits...

Where do I begin?

Naturally it's a subject that can't be covered in a single letter. So I've written a book specifically for the conservative American investor.

Paladin Press has recently published my comprehensive "how-to" guide to earning a lifetime of safe, secure and guaranteed profits in Switzerland.

It's called Swiss Money Secrets: How You Can Legally Hide Your Money in Switzerland -- and it's unlike any other wealth building, wealth protection resource.

This is not some academic treatise or sketchy "overview" of Swiss business and finance.

Swiss Money Secrets: How You Can Legally Hide Your Money in Switzerland is a get-down-to-business, roll-up-your-sleeves working guide to the safest and most profitable money-making opportunities Switzerland has to offer. It comes jam-packed with everything you need to begin securing a lifetime of profits today.

Swiss Money Secrets will help you take full advantage of all the remarkable investment benefits Switzerland offers. There are many others that I don't have time to cover in detail here, like...

But the time to act is now. As I mentioned before -- it's too late once some greedy lawyer has slapped a civil suit on you... or once the government starts prying into your financial affairs...

And it's never too soon to start taking advantage of the rock-solid Swiss franc. I can assure you, you'll be glad you did 25, 10 -- even five years down the road.

In fact, if the U.S. dollar continues the same downward slide over the next 25 years as it did over the last 25 -- and your Swiss-denominated investment earns a mere 5% guaranteed yield, you will be able to retire wealthier than you ever dreamed.

A Lasting Legacy of Wealth...

So if you're ready to begin creating a lifetime of profits and security for you and your family now -- and build a lasting legacy of wealth for future generations -- Swiss Money Secrets is an important resource you should not be without.

This is your opportunity to take your wealth to a higher level -- to where you will never have to worry about your retirement as the U.S. dollar continues to melt away... to where you can earn steady, guaranteed profits no matter what the economy has in store for the years ahead... to where you can rest easily knowing no one can take your hard-earned wealth away from you -- ever.

You'll learn about a world few Americans will ever know.

You'll join an elite group of investors who have made Switzerland a safe and secure second home for their wealth -- and, in doing so, you'll guarantee yourself and your family a lifetime of privacy, peace and financial independence.

Swiss Money Secrets opens the door to a remarkable world of safety and profits.

Swiss Money Secrets: How You Can Legally Hide Your Money in Switzerland is now available in many bookstores, or they can "special order" it for you.

The book is also available for $19.50 (including shipping & handling) from:

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You can also order this book on line from .

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There has never been a better time to invest in the Swiss franc. Since reaching its all-time high of $.89 in April, 1995, the franc has suffered a set back and is now trading in a very attractive buying range of around US$.70. This price represents a powerful long-term support for the franc extending back to 1988. That is why now is a great time to take advantage of all the profits and safety Switzerland has to offer.

Copyright © 1997 by Adam Starchild

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