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Although more famous for his twenty years of promoting the Swiss annuity to the English-speaking world, since 1973 Jurg M. Lattmann has quietly advised investment managers, bankers, private investors and economists from around the world.

Jurg Lattmann is not a stock-picker, currency trader or commodities expert. Instead, he is a keen and rational observer of financial mega-trends. Drawing on his intimate associations with Swiss bankers, government insiders, business leaders and investment managers, Lattmann has successfully forged a unique approach to forecasting macro-level economic trends.

Perhaps this kind of analysis can occur only in isolation from the frantic activity of the world's financial centers. Thus, the calm of Switzerland offers an atmosphere making objective contemplation possible, but also the resources and intelligence of the world's oldest and most successful money haven.

Lattman's success can in part be measured by the thousands of satisfied clients around the world who have been counselled by his firm, JML Swiss Investment Counsellors. His very first client, dating from 1973, is still active, prosperous, and happy.

The Swiss are the world's most experienced financial managers. They manage assets of nearly two trillion dollars, 50% of the world's private portfolio management business.

The Swiss are best known for the flexibility of their financial strategies. You can delegate as much or as little discretion over your investments as you choose. You can turn the work of managing your money over to the experts at your Swiss bank, BUT if you are used to making your own financial decisions, yet do not have the time to follow and analyze world markets, you may take advantage of an advanced personal management program developed by JML Swiss Investment Counsellors.

JML's Personal Portfolio Management Program is a completely new concept in financial management that allows clients to customize and control their investments, while still receiving constant expert management advice.

Since all investments have different profit potentials, based on risk and time, JML has developed five basic investment categories, each containing clusters of investments targeted to reach specific financial goals within appropriate time frames.

JML will help you analyze your financial goals and assist you in selecting appropriate investment categories. JML will then constantly provide you with the current status of your chosen investments, so that you can monitor, or change categories if you wish.

The JML experts who manage each category continually watch and analyze the world's ever-changing economies, markets, currencies, stocks and funds, and adjust investment clusters when necessary in order to produce highest gain at lowest risk.

With the JML Personal Portfolio Management Program you can stay in control and become your own international portfolio manager performing for yourself the traditional role of a Swiss Private Banker. Basic categories to choose from are:

Category 1;

Category 2;

Category 3;

Category 4;

Category 5;

JML also provides other services as Asset Protection, Annuities and Legal Opinion for Asset Protection.
Take a look at JML's Main Services Page and request the information by filling out the form you're interested in.

You may also obtain a free one year subscription to the JML monthly newsletter, Swiss Perspective, which gives in depth coverage of international investment topics.

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