Imagine a bank account that can:

That's what a Swiss bank account can do for you.

And that's why Swiss banks get to manage over $2 trillion of the world's money -- almost three times more than any other country. It is also why Switzerland boasts some of the most secure financial institutions in this world. In fact, not one single depositor has ever lost money due to a Swiss bank going under. Not even during the Great Depression. But you don't have to be rich to enjoy the benefits.

The problem is: most investors don't get to hear about them.

And the reason for this is simply. Your government wants it that way. They would prefer you never get to hear about them. So they have forbidden any financial institution not registered in your country to "solicit" your business. So the world's best banks that can offer you privacy, asset protection, the highest level of service and the greatest potential for profit are not allowed to advertise in your country.

The government realizes that their banks and the services they offer can not compare to the famed institutions of the Swiss. It knows full well that if Swiss institutions were allowed to advertise, there might be a massive exodus of money abroad. And the crude truth is: the government would prefer you to keep your money where it can be taxed, monitored and exploited.

But let it be known that despite what government wants, it is your legal right to own a Swiss bank account. What's more, it's your legal right to enjoy the privacy, protection and profit a Swiss bank account can offer you.

Why Swiss money managers are among the best in the world
...and how you can benefit from their unique approach

Swiss banks spend a great deal of effort and spare no expense in hiring some of the world's most exceptional research analysts and money managers.

Swiss money managers understand the necessity of diversification. They do not randomly buy a stock here and there from the endless array of investment choices. They employ unique, disciplined strategies that have proven to work over time.

They first find out what you want -- and then offer you a step-by-step system to help you achieve it. They do this by taking a wide range of stocks, mutual funds, and fixed income instruments from markets throughout the world and boil it down to a specific set of investments that will meet your objectives.

Swiss money managers also have the edge over U.S. money managers. It's a known fact that real stock bargains are easier to find when relatively few people are paying attention to them. And as the famed mutual fund manager, Peter Lynch recently noted in a TV interview:

"...the European market is far less analyzed than the U.S. market, and they therefore have far more undiscovered buying opportunities."

Swiss money managers have direct access to these undiscovered opportunities.

A typical Swiss money manager speaks five or six different languages including French, German, Italian and English. So when dealing with other European countries he is not faced with language problems, time differences or geographical barriers. In fact, a Swiss money manager will often hop in his car, or take a short train or plane ride to check out a company before he decides to invest in it.

A Swiss money manager knows the European market. He knows the undervalued stocks. He can identify the bargains. After all -- he's playing in his own back yard.

Swiss money managers also offer some of the most innovative global investments available...

Swiss money managers are among the most conservative in the world.

Once you have secured your Swiss bank account -- any assets, securities or investments you place in your account will be protected by Switzerland's strict bank secrecy laws. Switzerland is still one of the top havens for secrecy, despite what "press hype" may be saying.

A Swiss bank will not share information about your account with anyone -- not even governmental agencies from your home country. In fact, a Swiss secrecy law states that anyone who releases information about your account will be subject to a prison term of up to six months and a fine of up to 50,000 Swiss francs.

And if anyone wants to go after your money, they will have to go through an expensive and complicated process to get at it.

First, they will have to make a deposit with the Swiss court to cover the projected costs of the court case. Next, the litigant will have to hire Swiss attorneys and file motions in Swiss courts. Then it must be proved that you committed a crime that is also recognized as a crime in Switzerland. (Incidentally, tax evasion is not a crime in Switzerland. So even if foreign tax authorities tried to go after your money, the case would be thrown out of the Swiss courts.)

For example, only recently:

You can rest assured that your money will be safe and private in a Swiss bank account -- well out of the reach of any creditors, ex-personal and business partners, tax authorities or clever lawyers.

But protection aside...

Your Swiss bank account will introduce you to enormous profitable opportunities that are simply unavailable to the average investor

You can also receive a credit card from your Swiss bank -- and have a private portable source of cash that is simply unavailable at home.

Credit cards can reveal a lot of information about you -- your whereabouts, your daily movements, what you buy, where you buy it, what restaurants you eat at. And this information can be accessed and used by credit bureaus, government agents, private investigators, marketing companies, computer punks...

But in Switzerland this does not happen. Your credit card is protected under Swiss bank secrecy laws. With a Swiss bank credit card you can instantly access your money in total privacy at tens of thousands of automated teller machines all over the world. You can have a totally private portable storehouse of cash. No one can access your information -- and if they did they could be up against a 6-month prison sentence and a 50,000 Swiss franc fine.

Ultra-safe, ultra-profitable investing through a Swiss account could not be easier.

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