Adam Starchild is the author of over a dozen books, and hundreds of magazine articles, primarily on international business and finance. His articles have a appeared in a wide range of publications around the world -- including Business Credit, Euromoney, Finance, The Financial Planner, International Living, Offshore Financial Review, Reason, Tax Planning International, Trusts & Estates, World Trade, and many more.

Sample chapters and a list of other books are at The Offshore Entrepreneur.

Adam Starchild has been named December 1996 Author of the Month by Paladin Press.

Swiss Money Secrets:

How You Can Legally Hide Your Money in Switzerland

You don't have to be a criminal kingpin, rogue spy, or U. S. Congressman to benefit from a Swiss bank account. In plain, easy language, Adam Starchild gives the reader all the information necessary to safeguard money in the professional financial institutions of Switzerland. Readers will learn about how to take full advantage of Swiss banking secrecy laws designed to protect depositors from lawyers, courts and government snoops; pick the best saving and investment opportunities for returns (often tax-free) on every dollar saved; and use little-known secrets and simple privacy tactics that will further protect your money and ensure a financially secure future for you and your family.

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