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The Restaurant Start-Up Guide

The Restaurant Start-Up Guide offers a practical what-to-do and when-to-do-it plan for getting started successfully in the restaurant business. Beginning at 12 months out, the authors take a step-by-step approach to all the many details of starting and running a restaurant. Anecdotes and tricks of the trade give readers a clear idea of what it takes to operate profitably for the long term.

Marketing Your Invention

This book takes sides with inventors in their efforts to convert ideas into marketable products. It offers advice about channeling an initial inspiration into a marketable direction, and spells out what it takes to protect ideas from infringement.

The Offshore Entrepreneur: Profit & Opportunity Have No Borders
The Complete Guide to Consulting Contracts

In this new edition with the forms on disk, The Complete Guide to Consulting offers legal, binding, and enforceable agreements at the click of a button. Readers can use the built-in software or pull the forms up into popular word-processing packages. Either way, consultants can use more than 40 model agreements and clauses to customize forms.

Reviving The American Dream: Stop "Just Getting By" and Build Real Wealth

This book is every bit as dynamic as its author. The ideas literally snap, crackle, and pop off every page.

Arthur Andersen Guide to Talking with Your Customers Smart business owners and managers beat the competition by surveying customers and tailoring their businesses to serve their clients' needs, wants, and expectations. The Arthur Andersen Guide to Talking with Your Customers provides the action plans necessary to start an ongoing customer satisfaction program, complete with checklists, flowcharts, questionnaires, and worksheets.
Borrowing to Build Your Business Bank loans are the leavening of the business world. This excellent resource for small business owners allows them to understand the loan process from the banker's perspective. Readers learn the seven critical questions bankers always want answered, as well as the five major characteristics of a successful loan Pub: 3/97.

George Dawson presents the seven critical questions bankers always want answered, as well as the five major characteristics of a successful loan. You'll learn how banks make loan decisions, how you can negotiate that loan, and how to avoid paperwork traps, resulting in a winning relationship with your bank.

If You're Clueless About Starting Your Own Business and Want to Know More

Tired of the corporate rat race? This addition to the popular "Clueless" series is aimed at people who want to know what it takes to get a small business up and running. In his helpful, humorous, and easy-to-read manner, master entrepreneur Seth Godin provides readers with everything they need to know to jump-start a new enterprise.

Country Bound!

A one-of-a-kind book showing disgruntled urbanites how to turn avocational pastimes into regular paychecks; telecommute to their existing jobs; set up an 'information age' home-based business; buy an existing rural enterprise; or create their dream job in the country.

Launching Your Home-Based Business

Launching Your Home-Based Business offers up an unparalleled collection of proven techniques to create a successful home business start-up. The authors emphasize that a home-based business should reflect the interests, talents, and resources of its founder, then provide a series of straightforward strategies that an enterprising home entrepreneur can implement immediately.

Surefire-Strategies for Growing Your Home-Based Business

David Schaefer offers the definitive source of information specifically targeted to home-based businesses which have encountered a 24-month slump. Schaefer pulls no punches in describing the opportunities and challenges facing these enterprises. But, according to Schaefer, fine-tuning the four key engines that keep an enterprise strong may be all it takes to move a business into its next phase Pub: 11/97.

Upstart Small Business Legal Guide

Now small business owners can power-up legal protection at the click of a mouse. This newly revised edition supplies all the small business legal answers owners need, in a complete, handy guide, packed with more than 65 valuable checklists, sample forms, and agreement. The disk allows users to access the forms and documents using the built-in word processing software.

Upstart Guide to Buying, Valuing and Selling Your Business

A comprehensive guide covering the top three critical issues every business owner faces, this book ensures that all parties understand each other's needs, thus clarifying a complex process and opening the door to successful negotiations. The volume includes an extensive stand-alone glossary of relevant terms and concepts, as well as comprehensive lists of business opportunity sources, contact lists, and reference materials. A free disk contains all the forms from the book.

Buy It, Fix It, Sell It: PROFIT!

"Buy It, Fix It, Sell It: PROFIT!" offers readers with little or no background in real estate an in-depth guide to developing a high-profit, low-overhead, home-based home rehabilitation business, either on a part-time of full-time basis. Anyone interested in starting his or her own business, and especially people already active in some other part of the real estate industry, will find this guide to be indispensable Pub: 11/97.

Anatomy of a Business Plan

Create a polished, professional business plan with this step-by-step guide. This award-winning bestseller has successfully helped more than 50,000 people write business plans that work and will help entrepreneurs create an effective, results-oriented plan quickly and easily--showing readers how to put concepts into action. If you want to grow your business, you need an effective, up-to-date business plan. It is your key to start-up, maintaining growth, accessing financing and keeping on track. You'll get a blueprint to steer your company to success and access to capital from lenders and investors. Packed with resources, sample forms, worksheets, examples, and two fully developed actual plans, you'll find all the tools you need to start and stay on the success track.

Toastmasters International Guide to Successful Speaking

The Toastmaster's International Guide to Successful Speaking is for everyone who needs to communicate effectively before groups from two to two thousand. You'll learn the best places to start, and how to build your speaking experiences while enhancing your career, business reputation, and serving your community.

The Complete Guide to Consulting Success

Corpoate downsizing and oursourcing have created tremendous opportunities for millions of professionals to own and manage their own businesses. With the explosion of inexpensive home office technolgy, it is easier than ever to set up shop. For those about to take the plunge as consultants, the newly revised edition of this popular guide shows how to make the leap successfully.

How To Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $75.00

With more than a million copies in print, this blockbuster shows how quick, easy and inexpensive the incorporation process can be. Forming a corporation helps business owners shield personal assets, limit personal liability and enjoy the most powerful tax shelter in America. They can save thousands of dollars in legal fees by doing the paperwork and filing themselves.

You will be able to incorporate quickly, easily and inexpensively using the techniques, forms and strategies outlined in this book. Even better, you'll be able to avoid the hassles and expense of dealing with lawyers. You'll find a complete set of forms, a certificate of incorporation, minutes, bylaws and much more.

Friendship Marketing

Friendship Marketing is a guide to building your business by fostering better relationships. In it, the author has distilled some of the best business thinking in the country and a refreshing new answer to the question: Can I make a living and have friends at the same time?

Some of the ideas in this book are deceptively simple. But Friendship Marketing is much more than a formula. The ideas appeal to leaders who have struggled with the challenge of balancing a personal life and workplace relationships. Business owners will enjoy this lively straightforward book that offers easy reading for busy executives.

This unique approach blends the best of all worlds in a way that may ultimately affect the bottom line of the reader's business. Contains hard-hitting figures and true-life examples gained from years of experience in the marketing and communications fields. Each chapter is intensely practical, as well as packed with easily identified suggestions to try at home. Friendship Marketing is a breath of fresh air for any business reader.


Common ground between success and fulfillment

How effective people focus their time and energies where they will do the most good

Why listening is extremely difficult, but it is also so very powerful

How operating as part of an effective team is its own reward

Successful Network Marketing

Today's hottest trend in sales and distribution is network marketing, with an estimated 1,000 companies currently using its methods to reach consumers. Comprehensive, detailed and honest, Successful Network Marketing for the 21st Century is an easy-to-use guide designed to help you build a profitable business from scratch. Learn how to avoid common industry pitfalls and how to take advantage of the many dynamic business opportunities that exist in network marketing.

Whether you're getting in on the ground floor or seeking new ways to improve an existing network marketing business, you'll find the critical information you need to make sound decisions. This step-by-step guide details time-honored techniques used by the industry's most experienced network marketers - - which you can master while growing a financially rewarding full or part-time business.

Power Marketing

In today's ever-increasingly competitive marketplace, every business is trying to discover ways to stand out in the crowd so it can attract new prospects, keep customers, and sell more of its products and services. So how do you stand out from your competition? The key is planning and implementing effective marketing strategies. How do you create marketing strategies that work?

Read Power Marketing for Small Business and listen to its companion audio tapes! Power Marketing helps you:

  • Develop successful marketing and sales strategies
  • Apply the Four Ps of marketing to get research results
  • Tap the power of advertising and public relations
  • Select the most cost-effective media options for your type of business
  • Stretch your marketing dollars
  • Convert prospects into customers

When you buy Power Marketing, you also get:

  • A sample marketing plan that you can use as a guide and model;
  • A glossary that defines marketing terms and jargon; and
  • Thirty-seven worksheets with step-by-step instructions to help coordinate your market research, advertising evaluations, and marketing budgets.
Financing Your Small Business

Ever need extra dollars to get your company through the month, finance a new project, or purchase equipment? At some point, most businesses will need the extra funds to finance such business opportunities and obligations. The crucial question is: Will you know how and where to successfully find this additional money when the time comes? After reading Financing Your Small Business, the answer to this question will be a resounding YES! Don't be intimidated! This book makes understanding financing easy. By introducing financing fundamentals and explaining various financing alternatives in friendly, nontechnical language, you will become more confident than ever before when talking with bankers, venture capitalists, and your professional advisers. This book will help you:

  • Understand Your Financial Statement and Financing Needs. Refer to the numerous sample documents as handy illustrations of formulas and principles, and use ratios to interpret what's happening in your business.
  • Plan Your Financing Mix. Know how much debt your business can afford and investigate the best financing alternatives for your situation.
  • Establish and Maintain a Strong Banking Relationship. Gain the advantage of having a lender who knows who you are and is familiar with your business' operations and needs.
  • Develop and Present a Financing Proposal and Business Plan. Learn more about your business by researching and writing a comprehensive proposal.
  • Decide Whether to Go Public. Get a brief outline of what it takes to initiate and complete the public offering process.
  • Recognize the Pros and Cons of Debt Financing. Helps you avoid costly financing decisions.
Financial Management Techniques

No resource is more critical or more scarce than a company's financial wealth. If you can't understand how to read the signs that show how your business is doing financially, you can't turn problems around until it may be too late.

Now, with Financial Management Techniques for Small Business, monitoring and planning for your company's financial situation can become almost as easy as looking at the gas gauge in your car to see when to fill up so you won't run empty. With this book, you'll find out how to use the information you already have to interpret what's happening now, and to plan your financial future. If you detect a problem, you'll learn what steps to take to solve it.

With the accompanying software you can easily create income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, cash budgets, graph monthly or annual data, as well as historical and future reports that allow you to analyze your business' history and forecast where it is headed.

You will become comfortable with financial terms and concepts that previously seemed cryptic, as the author walks you through sample financial statements, formulas, and worksheets explaining what to look for, what needs to be done, and how to do it.

Small Business Insider's Guide to Bankers

Small business owners and bankers often join together in a forced alliance. In reality, their goals are very similar - one is seeking capital to use to fuel the profits of their business and the other is seeking quality loans to fuel the profits of their bank. The Small Business Insider's Guide To Bankers is meant to enhance the relationship between the entrepreneur and the banker.

Learn how to select the best bank and banker to meet the needs of your business. Get an insiders view of the inner workings of a bank. Become more familiar with the benefits gained from a positive working relationship with your bank. Discover how to identify who the important decision-maker is in your bank.

The Small Business Insider's Guide To Bankers compares large, mid, and small-sized banks and with this information at hand provides their strengths and weaknesses. The book describes how and when to approach the banker and what to expect in the way of attention and service.

Learn a great deal about what types of loans are available and how to find the best fit in relation to your company's capital and cash flow needs. Increase your chance of having your loan approved by following an in-depth explanation of the elements of a successful loan package.

Business Owner's Guide to Accounting & Bookkeeping

Business Owner's Guide to Accounting & Bookkeeping features clearly written, step-by-step explanations and practice situations to give you the basics you need to understand the economics of your business.

This essential primer takes the mystery and intimidation out of business accounting and bookkeeping and helps you interpret and prepare financial statements and organize your own set of books.

You will learn to generate your own statements, interpret your statements for internal planning, and plan for your company's future using budgets. This guide's practical introduction to business financing will also help you:

  • Use and interpret financial statements
  • Set up or restructure your business' books
  • Use the One-Write System
  • Quickly detect and correct errors
  • Monitor accounting tasks
  • Understand how banks analyze your company's financial status
  • Determine when and how to switch to computerized accounting

Written for:

  • Owners or Managers of Small Business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Accountants/Bookkeepers
  • Business Consultants
  • Educators

Includes dozens of sample financial statements and rule-of-thumb formulas to help non-accountants easily comprehend and use:

  • The Balance Sheet
  • Payroll Schedules
  • The Income Statement
  • Depreciation
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budgeting Internal Controls
  • Journals
  • Accounting Systems
  • The General Ledger --This text refers to the paperback edition of this title
Write Your Own Business Contracts

Write Your Own Business Contracts: What Your Attorney Won't Tell You is an easy-to-read guide that helps you lower your legal costs by explaining the "dos" and "don'ts" of contract writing. The book gives you useful cost-saving tips on how to work with your attorney and get the most value for the least amount of billable time.

The book features examples of actual agreements (both good and bad) with detailed, point-by-point discussions about what makes a given agreement worthwhile or dangerous. You'll also learn techniques (and actual wording) for making a written contract consistent and presenting a well-structured deal.

The book also helps you:

  • Gain a working knowledge of the various types of business agreements
  • Form and maintain a corporation
  • Know when to use and when to avoid standard clauses
  • Prepare for the unexpected by "what-iffing" your contract

Ideal for:

  • Attorneys
  • Owners or Managers of Small Business
  • Suppliers, Distributors, and Sales Representatives
  • Educators
  • Banks, Venture Capitalists, and Landlords
  • Business Consultants and Service Representatives

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