How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

A Handbook for Personal Liberty

by Harry Browne

Freedom is living your life the way you want to live it. This book shows how you can have that freedom now -- without having to change the world or the people around you.

Harry Browne has found ways to live without being bound by social restrictions, family problems, high taxes, or long working hours -- without having to give up love, money, or personal relationships in order to be free to make his own decisions. The brand of individualism he reveals in this book isn't a theory or a dream; he has lived it.

He shows how you can have freedom, too. But he doesn't ask you to change yourself to fit his mold. In fact, he says that your way of life must take into consideration your emotional nature, your goals, your values, and your tastes -- or you aren't really free.

The book points out that most people aren't free for two reasons:

First: They're unaware of the many alternatives available to them. They don't realize that there are:

  • -- ways to avoid social restrictions without becoming a hermit;
  • -- ways to avoid the common problems of marriage without giving up love;
  • -- ways to be successful without becoming a slave to your job;
  • -- ways to avoid high taxes without going to jail.

Second: They've accepted certain common assumptions that have no basis in fact, as:

  • "You have no right to think of yourself."
  • "The kind of freedom you want is immoral."
  • "You should help make this a better world."
  • "You have a duty to your country."
  • "Marriage requires compromise and sacrifice."

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World shows the emptiness in these and other cliches, and follows through with specific ways in which you can be free from whatever may be preventing you from living your life as you want to live it. It offers dozens of techniques to lead you from wherever you are now to the life you really want.

As Harry Browne says in the final chapter, "Wherever you go will be up to you. Whatever you do, it should be fun. Life is an adventure, not a burden."

Harry Browne has proven that you can succeed without following the old formulas for success. A college dropout, he was 34 years old before becoming interested in investments, and then became one of America's best-known investment advisors. He was 37 when his first book was published, and then produced three best-sellers and six other top-selling books. At 63 he was the Libertarian Presidential candidate.

This 1997 edition contains a new Foreword and Afterword updating Harry Browne's ideas.

Freedom is living your life as you want to live it.

You can have that freedom now,
without waiting to change the world or the people around you.

You've been taught from childhood that you must make compromises, that you must accept the bad with the good, that in marriage you must be prepared to give 60% and get 40%.

You've been told that you shouldn't be selfish, that you should live by a moral code someone else thinks is bets, that you must put others first, that you can't live as you want because other people won't allow it. You've heard hundreds of cliches reminding you that life is meant to be gray and burdensome.

Life isn't a dog-eat-dog experience. You can have what you want without hurting others. You can live as you think best without having to convince others that it's okay to do so. You can live the kind of life that you want to live -- one that's custom-made for you by you, not one produced on an assembly line.

This book contains no mystical secrets or pep talks. With simple, common sense, Harry Browne explains how you can decide what life is best for you, how you can begin living that life now, and how you can escape all the traps and boxes -- the fictitious obligations and liabilities -- that have been holding you back.

He shows how to minimize the government's intrusions in your life, how to reduce the demands others make upon your time and resources and how to deal with people who call you "selfish" when you don't give them what they selfishly want.

Most of all, he shows that you don't ahve to convince others to let you be free. The decisions are entirely yours. He explains how to make plans and set goals that rely only on your actions -- that don't depend on others for their success.

Yes, you can be free. And you can start right now.

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