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The Modern Survival Retreat: A New and Vital Approach to Retreat Theory and Practice
by Ragnar Benson

Survivalists no longer have to fear invading Russian armies or nuclear war -- the deadly actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco prove that our own government is among the greatest threats to individual freedom today. In light of this disturbing fact, Ragnar Benson has written a companion volume to his classic 1983 book, The Survival Retreat.

In this new book, Ragnar revists such nuts-and-bolts items as picking a retreat location and stocking it properly, but he also addresses such vital issues as pinpointing which government agency is the greatest threat to you; recognizing "trip wire" events that tell you when to occupy your retreat; finding like-minded retreaters through traditional and new avenues; using new technology, from power generators to the Internet, to survive; responding effectively to government propaganda against you; prevailing against massive government resources and weapons during a siege; and much more.

The Survival Retreat: A Total Plan for Retreat Defense
by Ragnar Benson

Now, a fresh approach to retreat defense -- the concealed, low-profile retreat aimed at winning battles by avoiding them.

Ragnar Benson tells how to harden the city or country refuge against the perils of nuclear attack or economic collapse by locating it well and disguising it. This is not a nother grab-a-gun-and-shoot-back book! It is a book describing the ultiamte in courage -- planned, prepared resistance.

"A retreat is a place you go to live, not die. Setting up a retreat is, for the most part, practicing the art of the possible. It's a matter of wisely and shrewdly identifying what you have available and turning it into something usable," writes Benson.

Chapters include Why Retreat?, Retreat Location, Who is the Enemy?, The Psychology of Defense, Beyond Firepower, What If It Comes to a Fight?, and Making It Difficult.

State-of-the-Art Survival Caching: How to Cache Weapons, Ammo, and Almost Anything Else

Storing your survival equipment safely and securely is an absolute must. This video reveals the latest techniques and technology for caching weapons, ammo, food, medical supplies and just about anything else you might need when the balloon goes up.

Learn about the different types of storage containers available, low-cost alternatives to commercial containers, container sizes for caching specific weapons and methods of preparing items for long-term storage. This video also demonstrates electromagnetic camoflauge methods to thwart metal detectors and sure-fire methods of recalling the exact location of your cache. Make sure that you'll have what you need when you need it.

4-Wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-Road Driving
by Brad DeLong

This handy one-source guide contains loads of information about off-road and inclement weather driving! Whether you use your rig primarily on the highway or venture off-road to hunt, fish or just explore, the 4WD techniques in 4-Wheel Freedom apply to the entire spectrum of "sport utility" vehicles, including Blazers, Explorers, Pathfinders, Jeeps, Humvees and everything in-between. First-time 4WD owners can use these ideas to graduate to the experienced 'wheeler category, and there are tips and tricks that even the dustiest, muddiest, most hard-core rock crawler can use the next time he hits the dirt.

4-Wheel Freedom contains virtually every tip about 4-wheel driving that has ever been published, plus a few from the author's personal bag of tricks. Learn how to choose a 4x4 for your needs; drive through snow, sand and mud; navigate on ice, over rocks, through water and up and down rough hills; choose beefed-up tires, winches and other specialty gear; extract your vehicle from any bad situation, from a muddy bog to a snow-filled ditch; and much more.

Survival: A Manual That Could Save Your Life
by Chris and Gretchen Janowsky

Every year people die needlessly because of hysteria, ignorance or overconfidence in their own abilities. Anyone who runs a snowmobile, flies in airplanes, drives a car or simply lives needs to know how to survive on his or her own.

Survival details the L.I.F.E. system -- your secret formula in an emergency to change what could be a tragedy into a triumph of living -- becoming one with nature instead of fighting it. Life-saving first-aid and wilderness medical care, water procurement, improvised survial tools and weapons -- the skills taught in this book could mean the difference between life and death in any emergency.

Live Off the Land in The City and Country
by Ragnar Benson

A gold mine of native American lore about curing hides, preserving meats and vegetables, foraging, and trapping the Indian way. Live Off The Land provides hands-on advice about survival medicne, firearms, reloading, fuel storage, diesel generators, retreating and raising livestock and vegetables/grains. Benson also provides plans for building your own A-frame cabin, just like his, from local timber in one summer -- 3,000 square feet of living cost for under $10,000.

This complete guide to surviving in style is, of course, written in Benson's lively, down-home manner and illustrated with more than 100 photos.

Survivalist's Medicine Chest
by Ragnar Benson

Ragnar Benson brings you a truly practical guide about using specialized medicines in a world without doctors. Pneumonia, VD, plague and diarrhea -- killers without modern drugs -- can be licked with a little preparation and know-how.

From his years helping Third World natives, Benson brings you this handbook for doctoring humans with readily obtainable, cheaply priced vet medicines. In many cases, veterinary mediciens are identical to those medical doctors recommend -- and they cost only a fraction as much. They can be bought without prescription and safely stored until an emergency.

Tetanus, typhoid and gun-wound infections will never again strike fear in the hearts of survivalists who pack this illustrated handbook in with their antibiotics, syringes, sulfa drugs, sewing needles, and sutures.

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