Pour Your Heart In It:

How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time

by Howard Schultz and Dori Jones

Starbucks CEO Schultz has given millions of Americans a taste for dark-roasted coffee blends -- espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte -- as served in the congenial atmosphere of pseudo-Italian coffee bars. With Business Week writer Yang, he recalls here rounding up often reluctant investors, opening his first store in Seattle, fending off a takeover, providing stock options and health care coverage to employees while doggedly raising new capital despite early losses -- and eventually delivering a 100-to-1 return on investment. As the company grew, with a new store opening daily nationwide, Schultz hired away executives from 7-11 and Burger King, took on Wall Street with an initial public stock offering, all the while developing additional products (Frappucino) and customizing the music tapes played in the shops. As instruction in plain English on how to build a billion-dollar retail specialty chain, it is hard to imagine a more satisfying brew than this memoir.

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