Sexual Nutrition and Better Sex Through Chemistry

Better Sex Through Chemistry: A Guide to the New Prosexual Drugs & Nutrients
by John Morgenthaler and Dan Joy

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Better Sex Through Chemistry gives detailed information on the new "prosexual" drugs and nutrients. Included are substances that can enhance sex drive, firmness and duration of erection, vaginal lubrication, skin sensitivity, intensity of orgasm, frequency of orgasm, enjoyment of sex, stamina, length of sex, and even intimacy and emotional connection. Better Sex Through Chemistry also offers effective treatments for sexual difficulties such as premature ejaculation, los of interest, impotence, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

Making use of the new prosexual drugs and nutrients can also improve overall health. Many of these substances have a wide range of health benefits and have been shown in scientific studies to: enhance immunce function, slow aging, alleviate depression, assist fat loss, improve memory and cognition, and more. The prosexual drugs and nutrients selected for extensive coverage in this book all feature a high level of safety.

Better Sex Through Chemistry explains how each drug or nutrient works, how it can be obtained, and how to use it -- including complete information on dosage, precautions, and other safety issues. This book does not propose a method of hyping up sex drive with drugs at the expense of some other aspect of health. Rather, it proposes ways to improve overall health and, in the process, enjoy positive sexual effects. Better Sex Through Chemistry is based on solid scientific information. It features many true stories of people who have used these prosexual drugs and nutrients to dramtically improve their sex lives.

Sexual Nutrition: How to Nutritionally Improve, Enhance, and Stimulate Your Sexual Appetite
by Dr. Morton Walker

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If you thought that there was nothing you could do to increase your sexual performance safely and naturally, hold on to your bedposts! Whether you're a hot lover looking for new ways to neighten the experience, a frustrated partner searching for some real help, or someone with a sex-related problem, Sexual Nutrition was designed just for you. Written by award-winning science writer Dr. Morton Walker, Sexual Nutrition is a wide-ranging nutritional guide to a better and more fulfilling sex life.

Scientific research has found that certain nutrients act as aphrodisiacs. These nutrients can also help to awaken the libido, boost sexual vigor and performance stamina, and heighten excitement for both partners. These nutrients can also help combat disorders associated with sex, such as impotency, difficulty achieving orgasm, menstrual and menopausal complaints, prostate troubles, and herpes. Sexual Nutrition details these nutrients, tells you where to find them, and suggests how much you should consume. Included are lists of vitamins and minerals that make you feel sexy, as well as the Whole Food Guide and the Lover's Diet, designed to turn the average partner into a super lover.

Chapters include:

  • The Diet for Healthy Lovemaking
  • Nutrients for the Libido
  • Sexual Health with Herbs
  • Nutritional Aphrodisiacs
  • Honeybee Pollen for Sexual Vigor
  • Glandular Extracts for Vitality
  • Cellular Therapies for Youthfulness
  • DMG for the Sexual Organs
  • Chelation Therapy for Orgasmic Problems
  • Nutritional Help for Herpes
  • Sex and Senior Citizens
  • Lifestyle and Sexual Health
  • And more.

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