The Roving Mind

by Isaac Asimov

Preface by Paul Kurtz     With tributes by Arthur C. Clarke, L. Sprague de Camp, Harlan Ellison, Kendrick Frazier, Martin Gardner, Donald Goldsmith, Stephen J. Gould, E. C. Krupp, Frederik Pohl, and Carl Sagan.

This wide-ranging collection of essays reflects Asimov's extraordinary skill at disseminating knowledge across the spectrum of human thought. Some areas explored in these 62 essays include creationism, pseudoscience, censorship, propulation, philosophy of science, transportation, computers and corporations of the future, and astronomy. His prediction about cloning -- which has only recently become the topic of public debate -- the theory of "technophobia," and other scientific developments are astounding. Asimov also includes several personal stories incorporating thoughts on his style of writing and memories of his family in younger days.

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