Garrison Keilor - Prairie Home Companion
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Prairie Home Companion    
Four cassette set

25th Anniversary Collection. Six hours!

Lake Wobegon Days    
Four cassette set

Learn about the statue of the Unknown Norwegian and why Lake Wobegon never made it onto the map, and many other small-town stories. 4 cassettes.

The Family Radio Prairie Home Companion    
Two cassette set

A sampler of crowd-pleasers from A Prairie Home Companion.

New From Lake Wobegon and More

The colorful inhabitants of Lake Wobegon come to life in a collection of whimsical monologues and tales by the creator of the remarkably successful radio show, "A Prairie Home Companion." Read by Garrison Keillor.

Prairie Home Companion 10th Anniversary: Show Recorded Live July 6-7, 1984

One of the best live radio shows ever, this gala production is a must-have for Keillor fans. 2 cassettes

WLT: A Radio Romance
The saga of WLT, Minnesota's "Friendly Neighbor" radio station -- the novel upon which Keillor has worked over the last 15 years.

"The glory days of Midwest radio prove the ideal subject for old radio-hand Keillor, now writing for old radio-hand Keillor, now writing at the height of his awesome power, which could make a homesick cat laugh." --Kirkus Reviews

For years now, Garrison Keillor has regaled us with warm and humorous stories both on the air (with A Prairie Home Companion) and in print (including the best-selling collection of tales We Are Still Married). He has been enshrined in the same hallowed hall of American humorists as Mark Twain, Robert Benchley and James Thurber. Now Keillor stands before us with his first-ever novel, WLT, about a subject near and dear to his heart -- radio.

When the Soderbjerg brothers (amorous Ray and scholarly Roy) found radio WLT (with Lettuce and Tomato), all they want to do is attract attention to their foundering sandwich shop. What they end up with is a wacky and wildly successful station where gospel singers play strip poker, a blind man announces sports and mascot Donna LaDonna (a painted nymph with blazing red pubic hair and pert nipples) brings the company good luck.

Enter Frank White, a young man entranced by radio. Frank's Uncle Art gets him a job at WLT, where Frank becomes Ray Soderbjerg's right-hand man. Frank finds fame (as an announcer), fortune (by stealing $800) and romance (with the beautiful actress Maria Antonio) at the station. Whether he's punching out a child star or fending off the advances of the owner's sister, Frank loves his life in broadcasting. Until the emergency of television threatens to bring about the downfall of WLT -- and the golden age of radio.

WLT: A Radio Romance is "episodic, often absurd, and frequently uproarious," says Publishers Weekly. "It is poignant reminder of a time that never was but probably should have been."

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