Expatriate's Employment Handbook:
Seeing The World... and Getting Paid for It!

by Dennis Riley

Have you ever fantasized about getting away from it all -- abandoning a humdrum job (or the unemployment line) in America and going off in search of exotic adventure in a foreign land? You have seen the ads: "High pay, adventure, travel... all these could be yours if you take one of the multitude of available positions abroad, just waiting to be filled by someone like you."

If you have ever responded to one of these ads, you were probably disappointed with the fruits of your efforts, particularly if your skills and interests lie not with desk jobs and volunteer positions, but with technical work or hard-core, down-and-dirty labor. Well, here is a book written just for you -- the real work force, the technicians, construction workers, engineers, and service industry personnel -- by someone who has been there and back, who is making a living and an adventure out of working overseas. After years of experience, Dennis Riley has developed an infallible system, a simple job search procedure that has never failed to bring him an offer.

All you need is this book, a typewriter, and some stationery. You will get the low-down on how to launch an all-out job search: what to look for, what to consider, how to prepare, and how to get there. Plus, you will discover what the real world is like overseas and how to get the most out of it once you are there.

When you consider things like free housing, free food, liberal vacaion time, and no-tax status, it won't take long to realize that a year in the tropics can produce a tan and money in the bank, just for starters. Open this book and you have opened the door to a new life and a world of adventure.

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