Business Law in China:

Trade, Investment and Finance

by Daniel Laprés and Christian Lamonion

Business Law in China, the International Chamber of Commerce's timely and comprehensive guide, incorporates the experience of Chinese and non-Chinese experts to create a unique work of compilation, analysis and assessment of the current state of Chinese business law.

Focusing on traditionally important subjects for foreign business people such as the laws on trade with China, direct investment and the resolution of disputes, Business Law in China breaks new ground with the inclusion of extensive material on the Chinese financial sector covering:

  • legal regimes relating to financial instruments
  • money and capital markets
  • insurance
  • real estate

Throughout the work, legal issues are placed in their economic contexts, thereby creating a basis for common understanding among lawyers and their business clients. Handy tables and illustrations help clarify complex institutional organizations and legal processes.

Partial Table of Contents

Introduction to the Chinese Business and Legal Environment
by Daniel Laprés and Christian Lamonion

Part I - Trade

  • Regulation of International Trade
  • Marketing
  • Intellectual Property

Part II - Investment

  • Setting Up
  • Real Estate Market
  • Labor
  • Taxation

Part III - Finance

  • Money and Banking
  • Financial Markets
  • Insurance

Part IV - Disputes

  • Dispute Resolution

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