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In immortal novels and timeless nonfiction, Ayn Rand demonstrated that our world can be one of reason and romance, passion and principle, heroism and happiness.

Her philosophy, Objectivism, boldly challenges the values, culture, and traditions of the past 2,500 years. Millions have been inspired by the vision of life in Ayn Rand's novels. Scholars are exploring the trails she blazed in philosophy and other fields.

Ayn Rand's novels present a liberating and inspiring vision of a rational society. Her books offer you insights in areas such as improving your skills in thinking, child-raising, or creativity, appreciating the arts, enriching your inner life. The root causes of political and cultural trends are ideas -- the fundamental ideas that guide people's choices and actions.

Capitalism is a value only to people who want to enjoy prosperity. Freedom is a value only to people who wish to pursue their own lives and happiness.

In other words, capitalism and freedom rest on the idea that self-interest is good.

Yet this clashes with conventional moral views, which hold that goodness consists of "service to others" -- and that self-interest is evil.

To defend capitalism and freedom fully, proudly, and consistently, we must reject the "ideal" of self-sacrifice. Why should we have an unchosen duty to serve others -- not because we value them, but merely because they exist? Why should one person's need be a claim on another's wealth?

Most spokesmen for liberty haven't dared to say these things. Instead, they argue "pragmatically" -- or even cynically, contending that the profit motive encourages greedy individuals to serve others. Typically, they apologize for, rather than champion, the free society.

With one notable exception.

    In her classic novels and timeless nonfiction, Ayn Rand presented a systematic moral case for human liberty. Her philosophy, Objectivism, advances a radical ethical principle: that each individual has a moral right to live for his own sake.

We have the moral right, she argued, to regard ourselvor there will be nothing to distribute. The need of the creator comes before the need of any possible beneficiary."

Ayn Rand challenges the doctrine that we are our brothers' keeper. No one can justly be saddled with that responsibility, and no honorable person wishes to be kept.

Ayn Rand shows why genuine benevolence is possible only when people regard each other as independe equals, not as sacrificial animals.


A stunning and brilliantly realized future world in which individuality has been crushed is the theme of Ayn Rand's best-selling masterpiece, Anthem. For the first time in unabridged audio, Dercum Audio presents her tale of a man who dares to make individual choices, to seek knowledge in a dark age, to love the woman of his choice. In a society in which people have no name, no independence, and no values, he is hunted for the unpardonable crime: having the courage to stand above the crowd. This story presages Ayn Rand's later books, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

Anthem: 50th Anniversary Edition

In a future age of the great "We," a dark portrait of forthcoming social trends describes a world without individuals, independence, or values, and is complemented by an extensive introduction featuring the author's own commentary.

Anthem: 50th Anniversary Edition, With a New Introduction by Leonard Peikoff / Expanded Edition
Anthem: With a New Introduction by Leonard Peikoff / Expanded Edition

In a dark future where love, science, and civilization have become a thing of the past, a daring man resists acclimation into an individual-free society and pursues knowledge and a special woman, acts that mark him for death. Reprint.

Atlas Shrugged Hardcover

"Who is John Gault?" He said he would stop the motor of the world... and he did. But who is John Galt? A destroyer or a liberator? Why does he fight his battle, not against his enemies, but against those who need him most? Why does he fight his hardest battle against the woman he loves? One of the most acclaimed and influential works of the 20th century, Atlas Shrugged portrays the murderand rebirthof the human spirit. Tremendous in scope, breathtaking in suspense, profound in meaning, it also illuminates Ayn Rand's unique philosophy, Objectivism, which has gained a worldwide audience. First published in 1957, Atlas Shrugged is considered a modern classic.

Atlas Shrugged Mass Market Paperback
Atlas Shrugged Audio Cassette
Americas Persecuted Minority: Big Business/Cassette
Apollo and Dionysis/2 Cassettes
Ayn Rand Column
Ayn Rand Letter 1971-1976
Ayn Rand's Marginalia: Her Critical Comments on the Writings of over 20 Authors

Presents selections from articles, books, and periodicals and Rand's brief critical comments side-by-side, most from the period after the publication of Atlas Shrugged. Sections on philosophy, economics, and politics and culture offer comments on works by authors including C.S. Lewis and Barry Goldwater, as well as her opinions on Supreme Court decisions, and even a newspaper quiz called Test Your Love Quotient.

The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Objectivism from A to Z (Ayn Rand Library, Vol 4)

A prolific writer, bestselling novelist, and world-renowned philosopher, Ayn Rand defined a full system of thought -- from epistemology to aesthetics. Her writing is so extensive and the range of issues she covers so enormous that those interested in finding her discussions of a given topic may have to search through many sources to locate the relevant passage. THE AYN RAND LEXICON brings together all the key ideas of her philosophy of Objectivism. Begun under Rand's supervision, this unique volume is an invaluable guide to her philosophy or reason, self-interest and laissez-faire capitalism -- the philosophy so brilliantly dramatized in her novels The Fountainhead, We The Living, and Atlas Shrugged.

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

The first book to provide a MORAL basis for capitalism. The essence of this short book is to show that capitalism is the only social system consonant with man's nature as a rational being. Rand validates capitalism by showing that it is good in practice BECAUSE it is good in theory, i.e., the moral is the practical.

The Early Ayn Rand: A Selection from Her Unpublished Fiction (The Ayn Rand Library, Volume 2)

Though it's obvioulsy not Atlas or Fountainhead, this is a good read. For anyone who's looking for more Rand Fiction, it's short, interesting, and enjoyable. The style IS in some ways similar to O. Henry, which was an added bonus. Because, hey...I loved O. Henry. Though the book may not be as life altering as some of her others, it is still a very enjoyable collection.

Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World 2 cassettes
Fiction Writing
For the New Intellectual

A must buy for rational thinkers. Rand supports conclusivly her stands on morality from their metaphisical bases in self-evident and undeniable axioms in her title essay. She goes to give a call to arms for all egoists, a sort of anti-commuist manifesto. She calls for the New Intellectuals to rise forth and to fight for reason and reality. Then she gives an apendix of the greatest intellectucal amunition, her famous speeches. An incredible summary of objectivism, second only to Atlas Shrugged itself.

The Fountainhead Mass Market Paperback

The Fountainhead Hardcover
The Fountainhead Audio Cassette
Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology
Letters of Ayn Rand
The New Left
Nht of January 16th

Night of January 16th leaves the answers to the mystery of an international magnate's death up to the reader. The play is a gripping drama about the rise and destruction of a brilliant and ruthless man, the suspense never letting up for a moment.

Philosophy: Who Needs It Mass Market Paperback

Few books have effected me to the degree that Atlas Shrugged did. I followed that book we this intro. The first chapter that is the text of a speech that Ms Rand gave in 1974 to the West Point Cadets was particularly inspriring. The model of man and the world that Ms Rand presents is very motivational to anyone searching for an "integrated view of existance."

Philosophy Who Needs It Hardcover
Robber Barons / Cassette
Romantic Manifesto
Sanction of the Victim / Cassette
Virtue of Selfishness: A New Concept of Egoism
The Voice of Reason: Essays in Objectivist Thought (The Ayn Rand Library, Vol V)

Here is the final collection of articles and speeches by the bestselling and world-renowned novelist, essayist, and philosopher.

We the Living Mass Market Paperback

An exploration of the eternal struggle of the individual versus the state, the novel offers the first statement of Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. With the continued interest of her enormous following around the world, this special anniversary edition is sure to be in great demand.

We the Living Hardcover
We the Living Mass Market Paperback

An exploration of the eternal human struggle between the human individual and the state offers the first installment of Rand's philosophy of Objectivism and features an introduction by the author's heir, Leonard Peikoff. Reissue.

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