900 Know-How

How to Succeed With Your Own 900 Number Business

by Robert Mastin

Learn the secrets of success with one of the most exciting new business opportunities spawned by the emerging Information Age. Launch your own 900 number business and make money selling information 24 hours a day to a huge national market, even while you're playing golf or vacationing on Maui.

Four Facts You Should Know About 900 Numbers:

  • 1. Dial-a-porn is on the way out, and even now accounts for only 3% of 900 programs.
  • 2. Many new 900 programs fail because they are launched by people who have not done their homework to learn the business or to find out what it takes to succeed. Because the 900 business has so many truly unique advantages, the lure of easy profits has been irresistible, and too many would-be entrepreneurs ahve jumped onto the bandwagon completely unprepared.
  • 3. There is a lot of hype and blatant misinformation out there surrounding the 900 industry, perpetuated by snake oil hucksters who are fleecing naive opportunity seekers. For example, you cannot "own" a 900 number, and the government does not limite the quantity of 900 numbers that are available.
  • 4. Established businesses are getting into the 900 industry in ever growing numbers. Virtually every business has access to unique, timely or specialized information that can be sold by means of a 900 number. A 900 number is a convenient, efficient information delivery medium, for both the caller and the information provider.

The 900 number business is the ideal home business. Launch your own 900 number business and sell pre-recorded information over the telephone to a national market -- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Learn the secrets to one fo the most exciting business opportunities of the century -- this industry has exploded from zero to $975,000,000 in just four years! And it has only just begun.

You will be amazed how easy it is to start your own 900 number business. Very low start-up costs. Work part-time from home, anywhere in the country. The only equipment needed is a touch-tone telephone. Your potential market is huge -- the entire country -- only a telephone call away. And best of all, the phone company colects all your money for you -- collection costs are zero.

To launch a profitable 900 program, you must learn the secrets to success. What 900 programs are, and why. What pitfalls to avoid. You need honest advice from experts -- people who have seen the megahits as well as the flops. You need 900 Know-How: How To Succeed With Your Own 900 Number Business. You can get all the facts in the best, most comprehensive book yet written about this exciting new business opportunity.

The completely revised and expanded 2nd Edition of 900 Know-How includes:

  • A 900 Roundtable discussion with the industry leaders
  • Eleven appendices
  • A list of 130 service bureaus
  • The latest FCC and FTC rules
  • And much more.

This business is surprisingly easy to start, but you will need the right knowledge to be successful. 900 Know-How will show you the way.

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Money-Making 900 Numbers

How Entrepreneurs Use the Telephone to Sell Information

by Carol Morse Ginsburg and Robert Mastin

Money gets made in this industry, but by whom? Here's the comprehensive guide to what programs have been tried, which ones are still around and which ones didn't last.

This book shows how imaginative entrepreneurs are using 900 numbers to sell information of all kinds over the telephone. From the mundane to the exotic, hundreds of real-life programs covering every possible application are profiled here... exclusive knowledge available nowhere else!

Learn from the experts exactly what elements make a successful 900 number information service. This book will spark your imagination, giving you the inspirtion, the ideas, the insiders' perspective and know-how to launch your own money-making 900 number information service.

Among the successful 900 number busineses profiled are those in the following areas:

  • Customer Service & Helping Customers
  • Government & Non-profit Organizations
  • Professional Services & Advice
  • Investment, Finance & Business Information
  • Lifestyle, Travel & Leisure
  • Education, Careers & Self-Improvement
  • Entertainment
  • Product & Business Promotion & Marketing
  • Fundraising & Charity
  • News, Politics & Opinions
  • And more.

Money-Making 900 Programs profiles more than 300 actual 900 number programs. Find your own niche as a service provider -- and toll collector -- on the informtion superhighway.

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