Diversify your wealth overseas privately, securely, and inexpensively

There is a little-known way to hold gold and other precious metals overseas, privately. It's called the Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP), and it is an excellent way to ensure your wealth securely, discreetly, flexibly and inexpensively.

When you buy precious metals in the PMCP, you get a certificate of ownership. The certificate represents a specific item -- the bullion or coins you purchased. The document simply shows "ounce for ounce" what you own that the Perth Mint is holding for you.

The PMCP is an extremely private way to own precious metals. The PMCP is not considered a monetary instrument, since it is non-negotiable and does not provide a payment of a "sum certain" in dollars. Your assets and any related documents are stored offshore (in Perth). You retain the ownership certificates, which are transferable but non-negotiable.

In case of an economic catastrophe, you simply use the documents to request delivery from Perth to any number of major financial centers, such as Zurich, London, or Singapore.

Some countries have restrictions on gold ownership, but you may remove your assets from the Perth Mint whenever you wish. There are no import or export duties on precious metals in Australia. Coins purchased in the PMCP enjoy worldwide recognition you can liquidate them in any major financial market (subject to import restrictions).

The program also allows you your choice of gold, silver, and platinum. No other certificate program we've researched offers all three metals. And, you can sell all or part of your holdings and receive your proceeds in a variety of currencies: U.S. dollars, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, or other major foreign currencies.

The PMCP's products the highest quality and purity Australian semi-numismatic coins come in various sizes, ranging from 1/20 oz. to 1 kilo (gold, platinum, and silver are available in the 1 kilo size). The PMCP offers low premiums, low storage charges and a $50 certificate charge (per transaction). The bigger the transaction the bigger the savings. Of all the available precious metal buy-and-store programs, the PMCP offers the most inexpensive way to buy precious metals, privately, in a convenient form. Now there's an easy way to hold part of your portfolio in precious metals, and get the benefits of global diversification.

For more information on the exclusive Perth Mint Certificate Program, contact:

Asset Strategies International, Inc.
1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 400A

Or you can use our on-line form to request information.

Michael Checkan and Glen Kirsch of Asset Strategies International are well known in the financial newsletter industry and at one time or another have been recognized as a "recommended vendor" by many of the writers in the newsletter industry. Among the many writers and publications recommending them are Mark Skousen, Richard Band, Adam Starchild, Adrian Day, International Living, and Taipan. Adrian Day, editor of Adrian Day's Global Analyst says "I've frequently recommended Michael and Glen in the past; you can continue to have confidence in utilizing their services." The principals, Michael Checkan and Glen Kirsch, have been in the foreign exchange business for a combined total of 50 years.


S.A.F.E. Secure, Affordable, Flexible, Exclusive

  • Low certificates fee - U.S. $50.00 per certificate
  • Low storage fees for allocated precious metals (per annum):
    • Gold & Platinum 1.5%
    • Silver 2%
  • NO storage fees for unallocated precious metals (requires 2 weeks' notice for delivery)
  • Low program minimums - U.S. $10,000 to open; U.S. $5,000 or more to add
  • No import or export duties on precious metals in Australia


  • The Perth Mint is a division of Gold Corporation, wholly owned and operated by the Western Australia Government, so your metals are government guaranteed.
  • Since 1899, the Perth Mint has provided safe storage of precious metals.
  • Storage is in Perth, Western Australia, one of the most politically and economically stable of the continents.
  • Precious metals are insured (at Perth Mint's expense) by Lloyd's of London.


  • Storage is available for all major precious metals (Gold, Silver, & Platinum).
  • PMCP Certificates are non-negotiable, but they are transferable.
  • Precious Metals available are:
    • GOLD - Kilo & 400 Troy Ounce Bullion Bars**, 1/20 Troy Ounce - 1 Kilo Kangaroo Coins
    • SILVER - 1,000 Troy Ounce Bullion Bars**, 1, 2 or 10 Troy Ounce and 1 Kilo Kookaburra Coins
    • PLATINUM - 1/20 Troy Ounce - 1 Kilo Koala Coins
** Decimal Bullion Perth Mint Certificates are available for unfabricated material.


  • Delivery is offered in a variety of locations world-wide.


  • Overseas relationship is with a private vault, not a foreign bank.
  • Storage agreements between the Perth Mint and its clients are coded specifically to the client through the use of a client number, and Perth Mint Certificate number.

More information is in the Perth Mint Frequently Asked Questions.

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