Libertarian Entrepreneur

I'm interested in business opportunities and personal friendships with others having similar interests. I'm a workaholic, even though semi-retired. I have a lot of fun traveling internationally.

Fundamentals of my personal philosophy, on which the best personal relationships are built, include:

If you'd like to write, send e-mail to:         Only detailed responses will be answered. Tell me about yourself and what you are looking for. (I receive a constant stream of business proposals and resumes, which tend to look like form letters and don't reference or identify with any of the things I've said in this long introduction.)

Did D. D. Harriman in Heinlein's The Man Who Sold The Moon inspire you? Would you like to take the chance of associating with an entrepreneur who thinks like that and is ready to try new projects?

(There is a nice statement on the introductory page to The Entrepreneur's Library about the spirit of entrepreneurism.